Have you ever wondered what the ideal age is for breast augmentation? Toronto breast implant surgery is in demand for a diverse population of clients.

We find that people of all walks of life and different ages choose to boost their confidence and reshape their figures through breast augmentation. Luckily, the ever-expanding selection of Health Canada-approved silicone and saline implants makes totally customised, personalised augmentation a possibility for you, no matter what your style or age is.

In Toronto, breast augmentation patients may ask if they are too young or too old for implants. We believe that there is no magic number to determine when you should do what feels right for your body. Here are a few helpful guidelines that you can consider if you think now might be the right time.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Old for Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

So many factors are more important when considering cosmetic surgery than your age. After all, isn’t it just a number?

You might be surprised to learn that general health and mindset are the factors that plastic surgeons consider the most. There is nothing wrong with deciding later in life that you’d like to put some oomph back in your cup size, balance out a more proportionate figure, or restore the volume that you lost long ago.

Women wait to plan breast augmentation in Toronto for several reasons. Yours may be financial, finally having enough time to yourself for a relaxing recovery, or a busy lifestyle spent dedicating attention to others rather than yourself . . . until now.

If you’ve finally found the motivation to plan a breast augmentation in your 50s, 60s, or even 70s, here’s what you need to know.

With age, health factors such as heart issues or delayed healing may present themselves. You can expect your breast augmentation surgeon to order lab work and heart function tests before giving your surgery the green light. During pre-operative planning, you’ll need to disclose all medications that you take, because some can interfere with healing or with the medications used during surgery.

Despite slightly more vigorous testing, there are perks to planning breast augmentation later in life. Many “experienced” people are well-informed when it comes to surgery and realistic about discomfort and healing. The extra time taken to consider their choice often means that those patients choose exactly what they want and are very satisfied with their results.

Why not enjoy a revitalized figure at any age? You’ve earned it!

Are You Too Young for Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

Well-trained, ethical doctors have an obligation to carefully assess their patients on a few levels before recommending a treatment.

Likewise, breast augmentation surgeons use their discretion to ensure that a patient is fully capable of making adult, independent decisions and has stopped growing before choosing breast implants. This typically means that patients are at least 18. Some breast implant manufacturers even stipulate that product warranties don’t cover implantation in women under the age of 22.

It’s not uncommon to feel self-conscious about a particular physical feature from a young age. Whether breasts, nose, or ears, some young people begin planning their transformation early in their teens and can’t wait for the big day when they finally take action to improve what bothers them.

Your surgeon will speak with you in detail to determine if you are aware of the safety and long-term considerations for breast surgery. They’ll want to hear from you about your goals and know that you are mentally and emotionally mature enough to have realistic expectations, make the choice for you and no one else, and follow post-op instructions.

Cosmetic surgery makes permanent changes to the body, so breast augmentation is never a decision to be taken lightly or without full, informed consent.

If you’re considering a breast augmentation in Toronto, visit our website to learn more about the numerous exciting options and find answers to more of your questions. https://sovereigncosmeticsurgery.com/plastic-surgery-procedures-toronto/breast/breast-augmentation/

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