You may know of this cosmetic surgery as “ear pinning”. The medical term is otoplasty. This surgical ear fix isn’t glamourized by celebrities or discussed much, yet it’s a powerful self-esteem booster for many people from a young age.

One reason that ear surgery isn’t talked about as much as nose jobs, facelifts, and Botox is that people often undergo this simple procedure to reduce ear prominence when they are teens or younger. They heal quickly with near invisible scarring, and they don’t feel the need to bring it up again. Otoplasty is one of those very natural-looking cosmetic improvements that doesn’t leave telltale signs. And most people who’ve had an otoplasty don’t stand out in any way.

In fact, that’s the entire point.

Some adults spend years feeling uncomfortable with the size and shape of their ears, and they finally choose to correct their ear prominence much later in life, but the results are just as satisfying.

No more headbands, avoiding ponytails, and hiding their ears. The peace of mind and newfound confidence gained from a straightforward ear surgery can be life-changing.

What Is the Ideal Age for Ear Surgery in Toronto?

Unlike many cosmetic surgeries, otoplasty can be performed on young patients before puberty, because cartilage in the ears is fully formed early on. With early intervention, ear surgery to “pin” back the ears is corrective as well. Ear cartilage continues to grow for life, so there is strong motivation for many people to have their children’s ears corrected early in order to shape their growth. Younger patients also tend to heal rapidly without complications.

Plastic surgeons have honest, detailed discussions with young patients and their parents to determine the patient’s personal desire to undergo the procedure and their realistic expectations for the process, risks, and results.

While we do see teenaged patients for ear surgery in Toronto at Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery, we treat many adults as well! It’s never too late to plan this safe, rapid recovery procedure and change how you feel about your appearance. Ear reshaping, or pinning, can be requested due to injury, genetic deformation, or issues with size and projection from the head.

Are You a Great Candidate for Ear Surgery in Toronto?

If you’ve ever wondered whether ear surgery might help you feel better about your ears, the following considerations may guide you before booking a consultation to learn about the next steps.

Otoplasty might be right for you if:

  • You are an adult or teenager in good general health
  • You struggle with embarrassment about your overly large, protruding, or misshapen ears
  • You choose to regularly wear hats or headbands in an attempt to “pin down” your ears
  • You hide your ears with long hair and avoid hairstyles that pull the hair up
  • Your ears have suffered disfiguring trauma

*It is worth noting that otoplasty does not treat hearing issues. Ear surgery performed in Toronto cosmetic surgery clinics is considered elective and addresses only the cartilage and skin outside of the ear canal for the sole purpose of improving the ear’s appearance.

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