If you think you’re hearing more about plastic surgery for regular folks, you’re not imagining the increased interest and acceptance. There’s also been more talk of body positivity and self-care going around than ever before (We think this is fabulous!). So you might wonder why such a drive to change or improve how we look became a priority for people.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports valuable yearly data regarding the plastic surgery procedures that men and women flock to the most. They also note trends in consumer choices.

The surprising fact is that year after year, throughout recessions and a global pandemic, cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments are booming.

You might even raise an eyebrow when you read that men account for a significant number of these patients.

Mental health awareness, body positivity, and safe, non-toxic beauty products are in demand. So why is our “self-care” generation looking to plastic surgery to reach their appearance goals? We’ll take a closer look at the influencing factors and how plastic surgery in Toronto has changed . . . for the better.

Plastic Surgery in Toronto Is the New Normal

Through all the ups and downs of the past few years, the cosmetic surgery market has continued to grow. While talk of impending economic crises coincides with #nofilter social media messaging, you might think that plastic surgery would be the lowest on anyone’s priority list in 2022. The data suggests otherwise, as breast augmentation, liposuction, and selfie-worthy wrinkle-smoothing treatments spike in demand.

Something that became clear during previous economic hard times is that people manage to budget for what makes them feel good. In fact, “the Lipstick Effect” coined by Leonard Lauder of Estée Lauder, noted this phenomenon after the dot-com crash in 2000 and the attack on the USA in 2001. Similar spending trends for luxury items were noted during and after WW2. Psychological analysis suggested that people will prioritize finding ways to self-soothe and appear healthy or attractive to romantic partners in times of struggle.

Toronto shares no shortage of progressive, positive messaging about body image, and Torontonians celebrate diversity in appearance. However, plastic surgery trends don’t contradict this mindset. Cosmetic procedures have also evolved to mirror an appreciation of varied, natural beauty.

For instance, today we see much less of the cosmetic homogenization once associated with Hollywood celebs and attempted age reversals. (Think “botched.”)

Instead, we notice hairline revitalization, smoother skin, and balanced features, which are achieved with such subtlety. It might be more accurate to say that we barely notice them at all. And that’s the point.

Why Are Plastic Surgery Clinics in Toronto Thriving During a Pandemic?

Is it social media? Boredom? A more affordable price point for services or more disposable income to dedicate to self-improvement?

Is it greater access to the research of treatments from the comfort of home, where people can customize a personalized makeover?

Is the stigma around plastic surgery simply “cancelled”?

We think that many of these factors play a role. But most importantly, each person’s reasons for choosing their changes are entirely their own. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Does Social Media Affect Plastic Surgery in Toronto?

Google “plastic surgery before and after.” For better or worse, everybody’s results seem to be online today. The unprecedented detail with which we can track our favourite insta-famous stars or actors as they physically evolve makes for some juicy content.

Whether it’s speculation or the open and vulnerable way that many high-profile people choose to share their cosmetic journeys, it’s clear that the subject has an apt audience.

We’ve also seen a flood of non-famous patients discover a love of sharing when it comes to their plastic surgery process. Social media apps certainly offer plenty of platforms and viewers to share with.

Today, besides before and after galleries on surgeon’s websites, anyone can search to find an abundance of examples and commentary for any type of procedure that they’re considering. Unfettered access and visual examples have removed some of the mystery and perhaps an element of fear that once surrounded the treatments.

Additionally, the rise in selfies has changed the landscape, and perhaps expectations, for facial appearance. Filters can smooth your skin, widen your eyes, and narrow your jaw. The close camera lens may also lead to a “fisheye” effect that enlarges your nose! Many people understand that what we see on social media isn’t necessarily real, but the distortion of reality presented daily and the hyper-focus on the images of your face could be triggering desires for change.

Body-sculpting plastic surgery such as butt lifts have increased alongside a cultural shift toward the desirability of curvier, fuller bottoms. The future may bring styles and new norms that usher in related cosmetic surgeries again and again.

Whether misleading or simply clarifying, the influx of the body ideals viewed on social media seem to coincide with increasing requests for alterations.

Has Toronto Plastic Surgery Shifted Toward Natural Beauty?

Botox, fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, and laser hair removal all have a few things in common.

Both men and women are making them part of their regular maintenance.

They are all non-surgical, and the results are meant to be subtle. Rather than dramatically reversing or removing features, many non-surgical cosmetic clients want to look very much like themselves, only better.

Believe it or not, plastic surgery requests have moved in this direction too. Mini facelifts geared toward patients in their 40s, rhinoplasty that refines rather than erases ethnic features, and liposculpting to help showcase a fit, sculpted body are all top-requested procedures in Toronto.

Plastic surgeons are asked to fine-tune people’s existing features and bring out their best. Even breast implant size averages have shrunk somewhat now that a substantial range of profiles and implant volumes allow for bespoke, natural-looking enhancements.

It’s been said that perfect is the enemy of good. Thankfully, today’s patient is catching on that expertly performed plastic surgery is intended to help highlight your best features, improve proportion, and assist with ageing gracefully.

For the vast majority of satisfied plastic surgery clients, these slight tweaks and natural-looking improvements took plastic surgery out of the realm of extremes and into the practical beauty toolkit.

What’s Your Reason for Choosing Plastic Surgery?

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto, we’ve noticed that fewer patients feel like they need to make excuses for their plastic surgery decisions. That refreshing outlook has inspired even our more senior patients for the better.

Embracing wrinkle injections or a nip and tuck as part of your overall self-improvement plan is no longer rare or automatically criticized in our culture.

In fact, although our elegant downtown facility offers top-tier discretion and privacy, many of our patients happily share their “beauty secrets” with friends or followers, because they’re proud of the way they feel – and finding skilled practitioners who they can trust is share-worthy.

Financing options from reputable medical loan companies make taking the next steps a little easier after researching online, then meeting with your care provider for an in-person consultation. Whatever your “why,” at Sovereign we’re here to help you feel confident in the “who” that you’re becoming. We look forward to meeting you.


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