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Body contouring Toronto patients choose this highly customizable cosmetic surgery to smooth and reshape numerous aesthetic concerns.

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Body Sculpting

Your esthetic concerns may range from dramatic to tiny tweaks, and they may be issues that you inherited or acquired over time.

We’re talking about armpit fat (axillary fat tissue), bra rolls, saddlebags, “cankles” (calf fat), and so much more. These are the nips and tucks that help people feel significantly better about their figures, even though the interventions themselves can be minor.

Following pregnancy, weight loss, aging, and thanks to genetics, some people develop rolls, sagging, lumps, or bumps in places that bother them. Body contouring surgery can be an umbrella term used to describe several treatments. We use it to describe cosmetic procedures that tighten skin, remove fat pockets, or smooth contours.

Because it’s a somewhat general term, your body-contouring surgery at Toronto’s Sovereign Plastic Surgery Centre could consist of just about anything you need. We welcome you to meet with our Royal College-certified plastic surgeons in person for your confidential consultation.

What Can Body Contouring in Toronto Achieve?

This surgery won’t help people achieve a healthy body weight if they’re obese. Still, it can be helpful following bariatric surgery. Body contouring may tighten loose, flabby tissue and smooth skin texture through removing excess laxity. Excision (removing skin) combined with liposuction (fat removal through a vacuum device) combine to slim and reshape contours all over the body.

The following areas are popular body-sculpting zones:


Tummy tuck surgery can be done in a few different ways, and in each case, it is designed to flatten and tone the frontal abdomen. Men and women choose tummy tucks when they struggle with excess skin and fat. Standard abdominoplasty surgery also allows for tightening separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), which pulls together the waist, creating a firmer belly, like a corset.

Body lifting

Thigh lifts, circumferential lifts, buttock lifts, and arm lifts remove skin to pull tissues smooth. Further sculpting with liposuction in related areas helps reshape the body.

Bra roll excision

Often, liposuction alone helps smooth this area. However, liposuction can make the skin appear saggy if elasticity is weak, so a minor amount of skin excision may be included.


Axillary (armpit), thigh, buttocks, pectoral, arm, and calf liposuction are all possibilities for spot-treating problem fat accumulation with body contouring surgery Toronto. Sometimes the amount of fat and skin laxity in the area is such that your surgeon will recommend non-invasive skin treatments rather than liposuction. In cases where skin tone is strong, liposuction can help remove bulges and may or may not accompany skin excision.

How Is Body Contouring Surgery Done?

Your cosmetic surgery will take place at our elegant, fully equipped surgical centre, conveniently located in downtown Toronto. We surpass safety standards with a level 3 OHP certification and the highest level of training, advanced equipment, and protocols to ensure excellent outcomes.

Before surgery, your plastic surgeon will meet with you to talk about the plan, draw guidelines on your skin and show you what will be done.

Most body contouring is performed under general anesthesia. The length of time for your surgery could vary between 1 to 4 hours in most cases, depending on the combination of techniques and areas treated.

Whenever possible, incisions are placed in natural creases or below the underwear line. That means that even though they won’t be invisible, they can be quite well hidden and don’t bother most people.

After body contouring surgery Toronto, your plastic surgeon will provide detailed instructions to care for the incisions while healing and throughout the first year as the incisions flatten, lighten, and fade.

You’ll be gently wakened once the body contouring surgery is complete and taken to our luxe recovery room to relax. Once you feel up to it, you can return home or to your hotel with a friend, family member, or nurse.

Recovery & Considerations

All surgical procedures carry risks related to anaesthetic and complications while healing. Your specific risks and recovery instructions after body contouring surgery Toronto will depend on your individual treatment plan.

In most cases, you can count on taking between 1 and 2 weeks off work. For extensive body-lifting surgery or mommy makeovers, patients may request remote work or lighter duties beyond 2 weeks for maximum safety and stress-free recovery.

After body contouring surgery Toronto, patients are advised to relax and do only light activities once they are home the first week. That means that reading, watching TV, walking for short distances, and cooking meals are excellent, but you’ll need to pause your gym membership and arrange help with child and pet care.

You’ll be scheduled to return for follow-up visits as needed, often at 1 week, 3 weeks, and a few more beyond that. We’ll remove sutures and ensure that you’re recovering confidently and comfortably. If you have soft drains placed near your surgical site to remove fluid, you may visit more often until they’re no longer needed.

Body contouring surgery Toronto often requires wearing a snug, surgical compression garment for 3 to 6 weeks. This helps conform your tissues to their new, desired shape, plus it reduces risks of seroma (fluid pockets) and resolves swelling faster.

Swelling and bruising are normal but temporary, especially after liposuction. In rare cases, infection, bleeding, lasting sensation changes in the skin, or visible scarring can result.

Most risks can be mitigated through choosing an experienced plastic surgeon and following instructions carefully. We’ll advise you to avoid nicotine and smoking at least 2 weeks before and after surgery, because it diminishes blood flow to the skin, increasing complication concerns.

Whether you treat a large area or a discreet one, body contouring results require patience. Gravity affects swelling, and each person recovers uniquely. You may wait 6 to 12 months to see the final, settled results you seek, but the wait can be well worth it!

What Are the Non-surgical Body-Contouring Options?

At Sovereign Plastic Surgery, you can count on honest, personalized feedback. That means we’ll never recommend a treatment we don’t think will help you reach your goals. Your plastic surgeon may recommend a non-surgical, less invasive solution if toning, smoothing, and tightening desired areas can be achieved that way.

Two excellent options that our patients love are SculpSure and Ultherapy.

SculpSure is a quick, 30-minute procedure that uses thermal energy to dissolve and destroy fat cells in the target tissue. It’s well tolerated and requires no anaesthetic, no incisions, and no recovery time. Results typically appear after 1 treatment in 6 to 12 weeks.

Ultherapy similarly uses ultrasound energy to tone, lift the skin, and stimulate collagen production. Treatments are quick and comfortable, with a similar 6- to 12-week development time.

Schedule a consultation

Your private consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon will introduce a variety of options to help you choose your personal best next steps.

We’ll ensure that you have plenty of time for questions and gathering the information needed to make an informed choice, and we don’t charge for consultations.

For people who are interested in medical financing, we partner with reputable companies who arrange convenient payment options to help you reach your goals faster.

If you’re bothered by embarrassing rolls, sagging, bulges, or flab, why not discover the numerous ways we tone, smooth, and firm figures with body contouring surgery Toronto? Call or write today, and let’s begin planning a shape you’ll love!


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