Fat Grafting

Fat transfer in Toronto is an increasingly popular method of transferring fat stem cells from one area of a person’s body to another.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer in Toronto is also known as fat grafting, autologous fat transplantation, and micro fat injections. They all describe an increasingly popular method of transferring fat stem cells from one area of a person’s body to another. You may be familiar with the Brazilian butt lift or face sculpting using fat. Today, fat transfers are used in breast reconstruction as well as a diverse number of body areas.

Because we lose youthful-looking fat volume as we age, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and fat injections can do wonders for softening and restoring features. Likewise, subtle volume enhancements on the body can be artfully sculpted with this living, natural material. Unlike dermal fillers, successful fat transfers are permanent.

Sovereign Plastic Surgery in Toronto, Canada, is home to skilled plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgery specialists who can partner with you to create a custom plan for your enhancement.

How Is Fat Transfer at Toronto’s Sovereign Plastic Surgery Performed?

Your procedure will take place in our fully equipped, Level 3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) surgical centre. We meet and exceed the highest standards for safety and provide elegant, contemporary surroundings to welcome and inspire you.

Fat transfer surgery involves both:

Fat harvest (liposuction) and fat grafting (fat injection)

General anaesthesia is commonly used for the fat grafting Toronto procedure, but you may have local anaesthetic and IV sedation, depending on the areas treated.

During the liposuction phase, fat will be removed from areas like the abdomen or thighs using a blunt-tipped cannula. It requires tiny incisions that usually measure just 1 mm and will be placed as discreetly as possible. A small suture may be placed at incision sites, and medical tape may be placed on top.

Once the required amount of fat has been removed through liposuction, it will be processed to isolate the fat stem cells, which are ideal for grafting. With multiple small syringes, fat is injected carefully and artistically to sculpt the desired fullness.

Once complete, you’ll be gently awakened and taken to our recovery room.

Fat Transfer Versus Dermal Fillers

The benefits of choosing lasting, natural fat are numerous.

Autologous fat transfer means the filler material comes from your own body, so it’s 100% natural. Reducing the chance of allergic reactions or simply wishing to avoid any foreign materials is important for some people.

Another benefit of fat grafting Toronto is that skin quality seems to improve in many cases where fat grafting was performed.

Fat transfers are long-lasting and permanent in many cases. That means a one-time cost for results that you can keep, rather than temporary and repeated treatments.

Potential drawbacks include:

The time and additional liposuction required to harvest the fat. You must have fat available, so very slim or underweight people have limited options. Though the results last longer than dermal fillers, fat transfer costs more.

If you’re considering breast augmentation fat grafting Toronto, you may need more than one session to achieve a satisfying size increase.


Treatment areas include:
  • Cheeks and nasolabial folds
  • Plumping the lips
  • Lower eyelid hollows
  • The backs of hands
  • Breast enhancement
  • Labia majora plumping

Recovery & Considerations

Recovery After Fat Transfer Surgery

Fat grafting Toronto recovery time will depend somewhat on the areas you’ve treated, as this can range from a small facial feature to multiple body regions. You’ll be able to return home after your procedure, accompanied by a friend or family member.

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with medication to ease discomfort, but recovery after a fat-grafting Toronto procedure is not usually described as very painful. You may have stretchy compression garments covering treated areas, and they’ll need to be worn regularly for a few weeks.

Expect to feel somewhat bruised and to see your swelling peak within a few days. You can relax with plenty of pillows to support you in an armchair or your bed. You’ll be asked to walk around slowly every few hours, but you can also get plenty of rest in the first week.

We will see you for a follow-up appointment roughly 1 week after fat grafting Toronto surgery, and many people return to light office work at that time. If you need more time off or specific restrictions, your surgeon will let you know. Most aerobic exercise, sports, and gym activities will need to wait 4 to 6 weeks.

Many people ask, is a fat transfer permanent? You should expect some of the transferred fat to be absorbed within the first month, but after roughly 6 weeks, any remaining fat will have established a good blood supply and will likely be thriving. Fat cells shrink and grow with weight fluctuations, but the fat transfer survival rate is usually between 75% and 80%.

Considerations and Fat Transfer Risks

Because the fat used for grafting is taken from your body, there’s no risk of rejection or disease transmission.

Our plastic surgeons can remove fat for grafting just about anywhere you have a little excess. Most people have more than enough to use for facial fat grafting, but if you expect to inject a high volume for breasts or bottom, your surgeon will need to determine if you have enough. In cases where a person is too lean for the procedure, implants may be an alternative option.

Bruising, swelling, mild pain, temporary numbness, or nerve-related sensations on the skin may be present while healing after fat grafting Toronto. You can expect small scars, but they are typically very well hidden.

As with all surgery there is an inherent risk related to anaesthetic. Though not common, a risk of infection, unexpected bleeding, or fat necrosis is possible. Rare risks include the blockage of a blood vessel by fat.

It’s essential that patients follow careful protocols for healing to allow fat stem cells to establish themselves.

Smoking constricts blood flow and is detrimental to healing and optimal results.

Who Is a Candidate for Fat Transfer in Toronto?

Patients of all ages can select fat grafting Toronto for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been undergoing dermal filler injections for some time and you love the look, but you want permanent results, fat injections could be ideal.

Subtle sculpting and enhancement for the breasts, hands, and other body areas can be done relatively quickly and easily with fat.

Older patients use fat grafting to restore volume in areas where hollows have developed.

Healthy, stable men and women can choose fat-grafting Toronto surgery to make mild or moderate volume improvements on their face or body. They love that the results last and feel 100% natural – because they are!

An in-person consultation at Sovereign Plastic Surgery will allow us to determine if there’s suitable fat available to harvest and if your skin elasticity will ensure satisfactory contours after liposuction.

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