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Whether vaginoplasty or labiaplasty surgery, our female gynecologist and experienced plastic surgeons understand the sensitive, private concerns you have.

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Female Rejuvenation

Gynecological surgery at Toronto’s Sovereign Plastic Surgery is specialized care for all women. Whether vaginoplasty or labiaplasty surgery, our female gynecologist and experienced plastic surgeons understand the sensitive, private concerns that you have.

Surgery on any part of the female reproductive system can be considered gynecological surgery. However, vaginal rejuvenation (or vaginal tightening) and reduction of the labia minora are the 2 treatments we focus on the most.

These are popular choices for women of all ages who experience unwanted laxity and tissue changes after childbirth, with age, or simply because of their genetics.

As varied and natural as feminine characteristics are, personal reasons for choosing female rejuvenation in the form of gynecological surgery are diverse too. Improving your sex life, intimate appearance, continence, and confidence is highly personal and can be amazingly empowering. We’re here to listen to you and share the beautiful options.

Two Different Gynecological Surgeries

Reconstruction after injury or malformation once involved extensive vaginal repair, but more recently, multiple cosmetic surgeries are known as “vaginal rejuvenation.”

The unfortunate term, “virgin tightening surgery,” is a misnomer, because sexual intercourse does not cause a stretched or lax vaginal canal, nor does it enlarge the labia. Childbirth, on the other hand, can contribute to vaginal relaxation syndrome, as can age and natural hormonal changes.

Keeping in mind that there is no one “ideal look” for the vulva, there are some commonly requested adjustments that women request internally or externally.


Within the vagina, a lack of muscle tone and tightness sometimes contributes to stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Sexual pleasure is also affected when a lack of lubrication or vaginal tone reduce sensation.

There are non-surgical vaginal-tightening options that show excellent results for SUI and more comfortable sex, but in some cases, gynecological surgery is preferred. Removing a small amount of tissue and suturing the canal tighter helps reduce space inside.


This gynecological surgery is designed to remove tissue from the vaginal “lips” (labia minora.) Some women experience pain or discomfort during intercourse and other physical activities that lead to groin friction. Therefore, a labiaplasty can be done for purely cosmetic reasons or for practical, comfort-related reasons. Even though a vast spectrum of labia shape, size, and colour are quite normal, some women are embarrassed or uncomfortable with theirs.

They are often delighted to discover that dramatic improvements can be made relatively quickly and easily. Removing a small amount of tissue can have a significant impact.

G-spot amplification can be done though dermal filler or PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection to the anterior wall of the vagina. This quick, non-surgical treatment is often performed alongside the other feminine rejuvenation treatments.

How Is Gynecological Surgery Performed?

Your gynecological surgery will take place in our stunning downtown Toronto surgical centre. Our Level 3 out-of-hospital premises (OHP) facility holds the highest level of accreditation and exceeds safety standards. Our Royal College-certified plastic surgeons are pleased to offer advanced equipment and technology along with a contemporary and luxurious environment to welcome you. Our cosmetic surgery centre is elegant and discreet.

Labia reduction is a relatively minor procedure compared with other cosmetic surgeries. This gynecological surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic with IV sedation or general anaesthetic, depending on your case and your surgeon.

The amount of tissue to be removed will be discussed with you privately, and you’ll see markings placed as a guide to show where excision will take place. The mucosal skin in this area tends to heal beautifully and fast. There are rarely any notable signs of gynecological surgery left behind once you have healed, and the edges retain their naturally folded, ruffled look once swelling dissipates.

Your surgeon will trim away the desired tissue, then carefully suture edges shut before placing a light gauze dressing.

The entire labiaplasty may take as little as 30 to 45 minutes.

During your vaginoplasty, a general anaesthetic will put you to sleep, and the entire gynecological surgery may take between 1 and 2 hours.

A wedge of tissue will be marked within the vagina to show where tissue can be removed. Once excised, layers of supportive suturing tighten muscle and skin layers inside the vagina.

Dissolvable sutures are often used internally, as this area heals quickly. They will gradually soften and disappear on their own. No external dressing is required, but an absorbent pad will be placed in your underwear, and you’ll receive instructions to keep the area clean and healing well.

Recovery & Candidacy

What Is Recovery Like After Gynecological Surgery in Toronto?

After your gynecological surgery, you’ll stay in our comfortable recovery suite until you’re ready to return home or to your hotel with a family member or friend.

We’ll ensure that you have detailed instructions to care for incisions, including washing the perineal area with clean water after visiting the washroom.

Showers can usually resume within 48 hours of gynecological surgery. You’ll be advised to sponge bath until then. No baths, pools, or hot tubs are permitted for a minimum of 2 weeks, because they can increase infection risks.

A prescription for pain medication is provided for Toronto vaginoplasty or labiaplasty patients. However, neither of these procedures is usually described as painful.

You can expect to see swelling and bruising after a labia reduction. However, the appearance of inflammation in this sensitive tissue is usually more severe than the discomfort.

Refrain from any vaginal insertion, including tampons or sexual intercourse, for 6 weeks. We’ll also ask you to avoid heavy lifting and straining, as this puts significant pressure on the peri area.

If you have permanent sutures, we’ll see you in person for removal at roughly 1 week post-op. Follow up appointments are scheduled at regular intervals to check on your progress, answer your questions and ensure you’re healing confidently.

Scars will appear reddish and feel raised initially. You can expect them to fade dramatically within the first 6 months after gynecological surgery.

Most people take 1 week off for labiaplasty recovery and 2 weeks for vaginoplasty. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your unique job requirements and activity restrictions to help you plan.

Who Are Good Candidates for Gynecological Surgery?

Vaginoplasty candidates are often women who feel that intercourse has become less pleasurable for them or who experience SUI and discomfort due to vaginal laxity.

Women who are finished childbearing and who are not planning to become pregnant can consider vaginal tightening surgery.

Normally, labia minora protrude slightly beyond the larger, labia majora. If their protrusion is significant, asymmetric, or otherwise bothersome, patients may request labia reduction.

If you experience pain while working out, riding a bike, having sex, or doing other activities, labiaplasty may help you feel more comfortable and confident.

Schedule Your Consultation

A woman’s most intimate areas can be a source of anxiety or diminished self-esteem when she’s unhappy about how they look and feel.

If this is your experience, you may be shying away from certain activities or intimate encounters, and missing out.

We know that gynecological surgery is a sensitive topic, and our experienced plastic surgeons will treat your concerns seriously, with reassurance and complete privacy.

We’re also committed to transparent and pressure-free feedback. We’ll tell you honestly if the gynecological surgery that you’re seeking isn’t likely to help you reach your goals. There are numerous less invasive options also available to you. Each person receives a personalized exam and recommendations to help them choose what’s best for them.

There are no one-size-fits-all vaginal rejuvenation treatments, so your gynecological surgery quote will be custom-created for you. Vaginal tightening and labiaplasty aren’t usually covered by provincial health or corporate insurance. However, we work with reputable medical financing companies. They can help offset gynecological surgery costs to help you reach body confidence, quicker.

A woman’s intimate health affects her whole life. We’re here to listen and offer hope. If you think that gynecological surgery may be right for you, please call or write to the caring team at Sovereign Plastic Surgery. Let’s talk about your rejuvenation.


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