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A mommy makeover in Toronto is the definitive way that more women are getting help to restore their figures.

Regain Your Confidence

A mommy makeover in Toronto is the definitive way that more women are getting help to restore their figures. After pregnancy and childbirth, the significant toll on the breasts, tummy, and more means that body tissue won’t always return to “normal”. In fact, stretch marks, redundant skin, and breast sagging are familiar, expected effects of childbearing. Although carrying a baby may be one of your greatest joys, dealing with long-term body changes can lead to self-consciousness and adverse emotional effects.

Welcome news from Sovereign Plastic Surgery — You can be a great mom while looking and feeling fabulous in your own skin too!

If you’ve worked to achieve a fit figure, but you struggle to tone your belly or perk up your breasts again, you’re not alone. Millions of women like you need a little assistance to restore their beautiful contours after pregnancy.

A mommy makeover in Toronto targets body areas where you need rejuvenation the most. This convenient, all-in-one bundling of cosmetic surgeries is referred to as a “makeover” because improving numerous areas changes your whole look. What will you include? Treatments can be surgical and non-surgical and bespoke for you. Contact us to begin planning.

Toronto mommy makeover procedure combinations may consist of:

  • Breast enhancement: lift (mastopexy), augmentation (breast implants), or reduction
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Muscle repair (diastasis recti)
  • Liposuction: upper and lower abdomen, love handles, bra rolls, thighs, and more
  • Thigh lift
  • Labiaplasty

Envision your transformation!

Whatever your aesthetic goals, our dedicated plastic surgeons are body-reshaping specialists, and they can help you restore your desired shape.

Often the experience of pregnancy, breast-feeding, and childcare takes a toll on a woman’s physique. Some moms don’t even consider cosmetic surgery for problem areas until time and resources finally allow self-care after children are grown.

Whether you’ve finished breastfeeding recently or your babies are older, the reasons and rewards when seeking a mommy makeover in Toronto are as unique as each woman we assist. Your personalized procedure will be customized for your needs.

You may also consider non-surgical and non-invasive aesthetic treatments for the finishing touches to your complexion and contours. Many of our mommy makeover clients use laser skin tightening, facial injectables, and microneedling to smooth away signs of fatigue.

Wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and more can restore lost facial volume and smooth away the sleepless nights.

Sovereign Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer the opportunity to visualize possibilities in 3D. The Vectra® M3 delivers extraordinary, advanced 3D imaging in our office so that surgical consultations come complete with a photorealistic, visual plan. This helps patients and surgeons communicate clearly about desired changes and outcomes.

How many cosmetic surgeries can be combined in a mommy makeover?

More than one surgery may be performed simultaneously for your mommy makeover. However, the upper limit depends on a few factors. While the convenience and cost savings of combinations are attractive, your surgeon will keep your health and safety as the top priority.

The length of time spent under anaesthesia affects risks and recovery. That means your plastic surgeon will consider your preferred treatment areas and the total operating time required. They’ll recommend a safe combination. In some cases, a second surgery date may be advised if you have additional areas to treat.

Combining cosmetic surgeries in a mommy makeover also takes comfortable recovery into account. While you can expect some restrictions in the immediate post-operative phase, your surgeon will recommend treatments that ensure the best positioning, range of motion, comfort levels, and independence.

Fat grafting to the buttocks can be counter-productive merged with a tummy tuck, because positioning in the following weeks would be very challenging. Other examples of procedures best performed apart include inner thigh lift and abdominoplasty. To have an uncomplicated recovery, a strategy is vital. You can trust your Sovereign plastic surgeon to recommend the best approach for your mommy makeover.

What to Expect

Toronto mommy makeover recovery: what to expect after treatment

Recovering from numerous operations simultaneously brings unique challenges, pros, and cons.

  • Reduced facility and staff fees
  • Reduced medication/anaesthetic fees
  • A single disruption to work and life schedule
  • More dramatic body transformations all at once
  • The 2- to 3-week recovery may present more limitations and discomfort
  • You may need slightly more time off work
  • Extended surgical time may increase some risks

The most critical advice we give women when planning a smooth recovery from their mommy makeover is, “Don’t try to do everything!” You may be skilled at multitasking and be an extremely busy super mom, but do take real time off, arrange extra help, and let people assist you. To make this multi-procedure recovery as easy as possible, taking “downtime” seriously is essential.

Toronto mommy makeover patients arrange for help with:
  • Driving
  • Housecleaning
  • Pet care
  • Childcare
  • Errands

Not having to worry about daily tasks frees you up to get plenty of rest. Enjoy a staycation or book a luxe hotel room for extra peace and quiet in the early days. You deserve it.

You’ll be advised to take 2 to 3 weeks off work in most cases. Work that elevates your heart rate and blood pressure, heavy lifting, straining, bending over, or picking up children will need to wait until your surgeon clears you.

You’ll also be restricted from swimming, hot tubs, or even baths for a short time. Incisions are placed in discreet areas and are expected to become faint in the months following surgery. We’ll provide advice and treatment options if scarring is a concern for you.

After your mommy makeover, you’ll have follow-up appointments scheduled, and you can reach your surgeon at any time. As well, we’ll be pleased to arrange additional communication throughout the process. Our caring, knowledgeable staff will walk you through the entire journey, ensuring that you never feel unnecessarily anxious. We’ll see you at a few critical points throughout the first 6 months and typically at 1 year when beautiful, settled results are celebrated!

What combination will you choose?

Your mommy makeover is entirely yours. At Sovereign Plastic Surgery, the holistic results achieved with a comprehensive approach delight our patients. Your overall body proportions, goals, budget, and our experienced artistry combine in a thousand beautiful ways.

Breasts and tummy

A standard mommy makeover package includes a tummy tuck and a breast lift or a tummy tuck, a breastlift, and augmentation with implants.

Because everyone’s needs are different, your version of abdominoplasty may look different than others. Liposuction is a popular add-on to tummy tuck procedures, because it helps contour the waist and flanks.

Likewise, you may want a subtle breast lift, volume increase, or even volume decrease. Your treatments will be tailored for you, which is why an in-person consultation is integral to planning. Your first step will be to meet a specialist for a one-on-one assessment.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation can be a part of the mommy makeover too. Toronto mommy makeover packages may include labiaplasty, which is designed to trim away excessive or uncomfortable labia minora. This procedure, though surgical, is very straightforward to perform. It’s a favourite add-on for women who want to feel neater and tidier in their intimate area.

We also provide excellent non-surgical laser vaginal-tightening options. Just ask about IntimaLase or IncontiLase during your consultation.

Diastasis recti

Do you have abdominal muscle separation? You may not understand why your belly still has a protruding, “pregnant” look years after pregnancy. Stretching the muscle walls for 9 long months can leave a soft space between the vertical halves of your abs. That’s why no matter how many crunches she does, a woman may struggle to firm and tone her abdomen.

When rectus abdominis muscles have a permanent gap between them, the only lasting solution is correction through an abdominoplasty. Most of our tummy tuck patients have some degree of separation, and they enjoy a much firmer, slimmer waist when muscles are drawn tightly together again.

New shape, new options to live your best life!

At Sovereign Plastic Surgery in Toronto, mommy makeovers are designed to improve your overall appearance, fitness and body contouring. Our skilled plastic surgeons excel in subtle, natural-looking body enhancements that reveal the best in each patient without appearing overdone.

Once healed, you’ll still look and feel just like yourself, only smoother, perkier, toned, and confident. Many women report that clothes fit better after a mommy makeover, and they can finally wear things they wouldn’t have even tried after pregnancy.

Imagine putting on a bathing suit and enjoying unself-conscious fun at the beach or pool? Imagine form-fitting dresses and your favourite slim jeans looking great again?

Removing excess skin and bulges does wonders for fitness levels too. Some women find it hard to work out due to lax muscles and overhanging abdominal skin or because they’re too embarrassed about their shape in workout clothes. You deserve to be your healthiest and love your body again. Sometimes all it takes is a little help.

When can you get a mommy makeover?

We recommend waiting until you have finished with childbearing to proceed with a mommy makeover, because you’ll risk undoing improvements if you become pregnant again. If you’ve recently given birth, your plastic surgeon may advise waiting 6 months or longer for your body tissue to retract naturally.

Your hormone levels and lactation should stabilize as well before planning surgery. If you wish to lose excess body weight, it’s a good idea to reach your target size and maintain it for a few months before planning a mommy makeover.

Get your pre-baby body back!

Schedule your consultation

Ideal candidates are in good physical health. Your surgeon will provide a physical assessment and discuss your medical history. They’ll explain procedure risks and considerations for healing, then advise whether you need to make lifestyle changes to achieve optimal results from your procedure.

Your consultation is a pressure-free way to ask as many questions as you wish about mommy makeovers. At Sovereign Plastic Surgery, our consultations are no-obligation, so you can be empowered with the personalized, honest feedback you need to make a decision. You’ll receive a surgical quote outlining costs for a mommy makeover at our Toronto plastic surgery clinic.

When you’re ready, our elite medical team is here to walk you through each exciting step of the journey.

Our expansive private facility offers the very best in discreet, luxe accommodations and above-standard safety. Our fully accredited surgical centre is bright and welcoming, and our handpicked staff are dedicated to curating positive, transformative experiences from the first appointment to celebrating results.

For the convenience of patients who travel to see us, a premium selection of our city’s finest hotels are within one block of our centre.

You’re invited to call today and begin the conversation about your Toronto mommy makeover. We’ll be delighted to help you make changes that restore your most beautiful self.


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