Panniculectomy is Toronto’s abdomen-smoothing surgery for people who’ve lost weight and have extra skin to contend with.

Abdomen Smoothing

If you’ve been researching options to remove the overhanging skin (pannus) on your midsection, you’ve likely encountered abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and panniculectomy. They are similar procedures, so you may not know which is best suited to you.

The team at Sovereign Plastic Surgery is here to explain your body contouring options. Toronto panniculectomy procedures are increasing in popularity for the simple fact that more men and women are accomplishing impressive weight loss for health and quality of life. They’ve worked off considerable body weight, but excess skin overhanging the waistline is an unnecessary nuisance to them or a source of discomfort.

Our plastic surgery specialists can help you get rid of the unwanted skin after your weight loss. Imagine clothes fitting easily, with more attractive options. You could be free of the embarrassing and inconvenient hygiene issues that sagging belly skin brings. You’ve got a great figure under that excess. Let’s reveal the real you! Sovereign welcomes you to a no-obligation consultation.

Toronto’s Targeted Abdomen Smoother

The skin’s ability to bounce back after 9 months of expansion is impressive. Likewise, for people who lose weight, skin retraction can take several months, but it does improve significantly in most cases. When it doesn’t, a skin apron remains on the abdomen.

Because all the crunches in the world won’t repair stretched skin, people who shed substantial fat often need a little help to get a final result that looks and feels great. Surgery allows them to show off that new physique that they earned.


Depending on your genetics, amount of weight loss, and age, you may have sagging that you can’t address with exercise and diet. Luckily, there are body-lifting surgeries that take care of just extra skin. When it comes to the abdomen, that procedure is called a panniculectomy. It’s designed to remove the apron, leaving a low, horizontal scar.


Did you know that extra skin carries significant weight? That’s why it’s not uncommon to feel lighter once the baggage is gone. Being slimmer and toned can ease movement, make exercise more fun, and of course, allow all your new clothes to fit beautifully.

Do You Need a Tummy Tuck or a Panniculectomy?

The standard abdominoplasty approach is ideal for excess skin above and below the navel, separated abdominal muscles, and excess fat around the midsection. A horizontal incision on the lower abdomen allows access to repair diastasis rectus (separated muscles) and remove skin. The umbilicus is reconstructed, and the belly skin is tightened. Liposuction can also help sculpt the waist.

In comparison, panniculectomy removes excess belly skin. It doesn’t include fat removal, umbilical reconstruction, or muscle repair. In many cases, people who are seeking body-lifting procedures simply need stretched skin removed so that their slimmer, healthier physique can be revealed. The incision used is quite similar to the tummy tuck – low and horizontal across the abdomen.

BMI (body mass index) should be addressed before any body-shaping surgery. Fat loss is not the goal of tummy tucks or panniculectomy, but skin removal can reduce weight by 10 pounds or more in some cases.


How Is a Panniculectomy Performed?

Your panniculectomy procedure will take place at our state-of-the-art Toronto plastic surgery centre.

We’re fully accredited as a Level 3 (out-of-hospital premises) OHP centre with unparalleled luxury, discretion, and safety combined for your ideal experience.

Your anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia, and the process may take up to 5 hours.

You’ll have one incision made from hip to hip, and possibly a vertical incision from the pubic bone upward. A section of the pannus (apron) will be removed, and the edges will be gently brought together with a layered suturing technique.

You may have a soft drain or two extending out of your incision temporarily. This allows efficient fluid drainage and is usually removed after 1 week. If your belly button is reconstructed, your surgeon will discuss that with you during the pre-operative planning phase.

Recovery & Results

After Your Panniculectomy in Toronto

Our Toronto panniculectomy patients report tightness and sensitivity in the weeks following surgery, but we provide prescription pain medication to use as needed, and most people describe the discomfort as very manageable.

An overnight stay is rarely needed, and you’ll be able to return home following your procedure with an adult friend, family member, or nurse.

Supportive compression garments help reduce swelling and improve healing after a panniculectomy. You may need assistance to remove, wash, and reapply the garment for the first week. Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities for a few weeks, and we’ll let you know when you can return to the gym, swimming, and other fitness.

We’ll remove the sutures within roughly 1 week, and you’ll be scheduled for a few follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

Expect swelling to reduce dramatically in the first 3 weeks, but remember that residual swelling may persist for many months. Your incision will be red, sensitive, and possibly raised for the first month, then flatten and fade over time as scars mature. We’ll tell you how to protect and treat your scar for the best result.

Are You a Candidate for Panniculectomy in Toronto?

Ideal candidates for body-contouring surgery should be at or near their ideal body weight. They should also be medically stable, with no underlying health issues that could affect anaesthetic or recovery.

While panniculectomy carries a high satisfaction rate, you should have realistic expectations for the downtime required and the unavoidable scar that it causes.

You may be an ideal panniculectomy candidate if:

  • Your excess abdominal skin causes health issues like back pain, rashes, or ulcers
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You have no immune disorders or other medical conditions that could impair healing
  • You’ve maintained a healthy stable weight for at least 6 months
  • You understand the risks and realistic limitations of the procedure
  • You have a plan to maintain a healthy diet and exercise

Panniculectomy Risks and Complications

As with any surgery, panniculectomy carries risks related to anaesthetic and bleeding, infection, or scarring. Some possible side effects include:

  • Unexpected bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discomfort
  • Altered sensation/nerve pain
  • Numbness
  • Infection
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)

Rare risks include blood clots, lasting nerve damage, delayed wound closure, and necrosis (tissue loss). These are not expected outcomes with qualified care and adequate safety precautions.

Selecting an experienced Royal College-certified plastic surgeon for your panniculectomy procedure is the first step toward excellent outcomes.

We always provide patients with direct contact information to reach our surgeons 24/7. We exceed safety protocols and prevention techniques to ensure the most comfortable, worry-free, and beautiful results you can achieve. Our caring nurses and support staff will walk with you through your exciting transformation.

Schedule a consultation

At Sovereign Plastic Surgery, your panniculectomy consultation is pressure-free, so you can gather personalized feedback and details without any obligation.

We take time when listening to your aesthetic goals, and we explain all the techniques and options available to you.

You’ll be greeted in our elegant lobby with refreshments and a questionnaire to fill out. Then you’ll have a private discussion and exam in one of our treatment suites. If your surgeon doesn’t feel like panniculectomy is best for you, they’ll explain how alternatives might better help you reach your goals.

You’ll be provided with in-depth procedure information, and you’ll have another pre-op appointment booked when you’re ready to go ahead. We understand that choosing a panniculectomy can be a little nerve-wracking, so rest assured that we’re always here to answer questions and guide you.

You’ll receive a personalized quote outlining the total cost for panniculectomy, including post-operative appointments.

Note* You may have an OHIP-related component to your panniculectomy procedure. We partner with medical financing services to help make any fee payment more convenient. Approvals are fast, so just ask, and we’ll put you in touch with financing options.

Toronto panniculectomy before and after results aren’t just visibly impressive. Our patients report feeling more confident, mobile, and active, with greater comfort and quality of life. If you’re bothered by excess skin, let’s talk about helping you regain confidence and love your new shape. Call or write to us today!


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