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Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck Toronto patients share a few things in common. They’ve lost considerable body weight, have carried pregnancies, or have stubborn fat and skin that won’t budge on their belly. Many of our patients at Sovereign Plastic Surgery check off all 3 reasons as motivation for tummy tucks.

Also known as abdominoplasty, this elective cosmetic surgery suits men and women of all backgrounds and ages. Our plastic surgery specialists can reshape a midsection and create flattering abs through this popular contouring procedure. If you’re wondering whether your midsection could be smoother and slimmer after a tummy tuck, our Toronto aesthetic surgery centre welcomes you to a no-obligation consultation. Let’s take a closer look at what abdominoplasty involves and why our clients feel it’s a life-changer.

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Toronto’s targeted abdomen makeover

The most common reason to undergo abdominoplasty is the excess skin, muscle laxity, and fat deposits remaining after childbirth.

Your skin has incredible capacity to stretch and retract. While the ability to bounce back after the dramatic, 9-month expansion is impressive, depending on genetics and the size or number of pregnancies, you may not resume your former shape. Like fabric that’s been pulled to its limit, wrinkled and stretched abdominal skin is a natural result of childbirth.

Another issue that many mothers face is the permanent separation of abdominal muscles. These muscles are held in place by a thin fascia layer, but prolonged tension on this material stretches it noticeably. People develop a soft space between muscles running vertically up their middle. It’s known as diastasis rectus.

While not harmful, patients report back pain, diminished core strength, a protruding belly, and concern about their appearance. They even perform targeted abdominal workouts attempting to firm their tummy, but all the crunches and planking in the world won’t repair it. Surgery, however, allows effective repair and tightening to slim the waist like a corset.

Do only mothers undergo tummy tucks?

Not at all! Anyone who’s shed significant body fat knows that skin shrinks back slowly, and sometimes it simply doesn’t. Depending on your age, your skin elasticity, and the amount of weight you lost, you may be left with an overhanging skin apron. It takes hard work and willpower to shed extra pounds, and many tummy tuck patients adopt rigorous fitness routines to get healthy. Working out with the burden of lax skin tissue is challenging. It can negatively affect your range of movement and comfort too. If extra skin is holding you back, Sovereign Plastic Surgery can help you through the next exciting phase of transformation.

What kind of Tummy Tuck do you need?

Your next step, if you think this cosmetic surgery could be right for you, is to meet with a Toronto plastic surgeon for tummy tuck planning.

There are popular methods to achieve smooth midsections, and plastic surgeons often customize these depending on patient needs.

Three of the best tummy tuck techniques are:

  • Standard abdominoplasty (or full tummy tuck)
  • Mini tummy tuck
  • And hybrid, or floating
Standard Abdominoplasty

The standard approach to a tummy tuck in Toronto is ideal if you have significant excess skin above and below your belly button. Repairing separated abdominal muscles and reconstructing the navel are accomplished with the standard approach, and all skin below the navel is removed. A long horizontal incision is placed on the lower abdomen from hip to hip in most cases. This approach doesn’t remove stretch marks present above the midline. However, it does pull the remaining skin smooth, reducing the appearance of marks. Once muscles are repaired, liposuction can be performed to help reshape and sculpt the waist.

Abdominal scars are well hidden under swimsuits and underwear, but you can expect a small incision within the belly button.

Recovery after a standard tummy tuck for Toronto patients usually requires 2 weeks off work and an additional period of activity restrictions.


Mini Tummy Tuck

Also known as mini abdominoplasty, it’s ideal for treating minimal skin sagging just under the navel. If there are no aesthetic concerns above that line, the mini tuck is chosen to smooth, flatten, and improve the abdomen. It involves a shorter scar low on the belly. Minor muscle repair and fat removal can be done, but only a small ellipse of skin is excised for subtle adjustments. No changes are made to the navel. As you may guess, the recovery time is typically faster for a mini tummy tuck — 1 week off in most cases.


The third tummy tuck Toronto option that you might consider is known as the hybrid, or floating, abdominoplasty. It can help bridge the gap between techniques.

People who have skin sagging above the navel but few issues below may qualify. They may have muscle separation without skin excess. They may have a very lean figure with protrusion due to diastasis recti.

 These patients don’t need substantial skin removal, if any, but the surgeon will need to create an abdomen incision to repair midline muscles. The belly button is detached from its base and floated downward just 2 or 3 centimetres to pull the region above it taut. Any excess skin is trimmed at the bottom. This subtle repair doesn’t remove significant fat or skin, but it can help patients feel confident showing off their midriff again.

Tummy Tuck Toronto

Can a tummy tuck surgery help you lose weight?

Ideal candidates know that tummy tucks are not designed for weight loss. Unfortunately, the unhealthy abdominal fat surrounding internal organs causing a firm, protruding belly can’t be removed through liposuction. A high body mass index (BMI) should be addressed through diet and exercise before body-shaping surgery. While fat loss is not the primary goal, tummy tucks do allow for the spot reduction of stubborn bulges through supplementary liposuction.

If you’re in good health and frustrated with the appearance of your abdomen, a tummy tuck may be your solution.

Our patients report that clothing fits better, they feel more attractive, and even working out can be easier after uncomfortable excess skin is gone. Imagine heading to the gym without any concern for how your belly looks. Imagine strutting the beach in a bathing suit again. Let us help you make it a reality.

After a Tummy Tuck in Toronto

Ideal candidates should be healthy before invasive cosmetic surgery. While a tummy tuck carries an excellent satisfaction rate, patients must have realistic expectations for the downtime required. A major incision, temporary swelling, and restrictions to movement can be inconvenient. Our Toronto tummy tuck patients report sensations of tightness and bruising, which are a normal part of the healing phase, but the strategic use of medications means that discomfort is significantly reduced, and patients can relax at home the same day as the surgery.

Schedule a consultation

At Sovereign Plastic Surgery, we offer no-obligation consultations so that the curious, concerned, and committed to gather personalized feedback and procedure details without any pressure. We take our time listening to patients’ aesthetic goals, then offer custom-tailored plans designed for optimal results.

Your surgeon will examine you and then recommend options to reach your goals. If they don’t feel that a tummy tuck is right for you, they’ll explain what alternatives may be preferred and why.

Full details will be provided, including pros and cons, risks to consider, and expectations for recovery. Our surgeons supply patients with their personal contact information so they can be reached any time after hours. We’ll always accommodate requests for additional meetings and communication throughout your experience. We understand that choosing a tummy tuck can be a little nerve-wracking, even though it’s exciting. With Sovereign Plastic Surgery, you’ll have our experienced, caring team of professionals alongside you on your journey from beginning to fabulous finish.

After your appointment, you’ll receive a personalized quote outlining the total cost for the treatment. It will include all pre- and post-operative appointments.


Note* We partner with reputable medical financing services that make the cost of cosmetic surgery less restrictive.
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