Breast Implant Replacement

Take a closer look at what getting new implants involves and how the talented plastic surgeons at Sovereign can help you reach your goals.

Breast Revision

Breast implant replacement at Toronto’s Sovereign Plastic Surgery, also called breast implant exchange or revision, describes the removal of breast implants you have to be replaced with new ones.

For various personal reasons, some women choose to remove their breast implants permanently. However, many patients opt for an upgrade at some point in their lives, exchanging implants for a different size, shape, or brand.

Take a closer look at what getting new implants involves and how the talented plastic surgeons at Sovereign can help you reach your goals.

We’ll customize your implant replacement plan and support you throughout each step with dedicated, top-tier service.

Our modern surgical suites at 59 Hayden Street offer you luxe comfort and discretion in a contemporary space. Our breast implant and cosmetic surgery specialists are here to help.

Toronto Breast Implant Replacement Surgery– Overview and Techniques

Breast implant replacement surgery can be a relatively straightforward switch from one implant type or size to another. In more complex implant revision cases, some adjustments to the implant pocket, the removal of a compromised implant, or other modifications may be made.

Numerous individual case factors mean that procedure time and techniques vary too. In general, the implant switch takes roughly 2 hours. If you’ve chosen a breast lift (mastopexy) to help lift and reshape your breasts, it will extend the procedure time, cost, and recovery.

The incisions used to remove old devices and replace new breast implants will be in the original incision site or the natural breast crease, the inframammary fold (IMF), for the best visibility and access. Once healed, IMF incisions are typically well-hidden and faint.

En bloc breast implant removal is a technique that removes the implant and surrounding scar capsule tissue “in one piece.” Where undesired, tightened scar tissue has formed, or if one or both implants are ruptured, your surgeon is likely to remove the entire implant capsule. In other cases, a capsulotomy simply opens the pocket to allow room and free movement of the new implants.

A capsulorrhaphy can be performed to reduce the size of your implant pocket and help move your breasts back into an ideal position.

Your surgeon will discuss your individual needs and the best approach with you.


Breast implant removal in Toronto is done under a general anaesthetic. Our licenced anaesthesiologist partners with our plastic surgeons to ensure the very highest level of safety and care during all our cosmetic surgery procedures.

How Do I Know If My Breast Implants Need Replacing?

Do you have to replace breast implants every 10 years? This is a common question, and the answer for today’s advanced breast implant devices is no. There’s not a set expiry date or a time when patients must replace implants that are intact and causing no problems.

Patients may decide to change their breast implants simply because they desire a different look or feel to their breasts. There is often no medical need for the change, but it’s a matter of personal preference or comfort.

Having said that, if you’ve been diagnosed with an implant rupture, your surgeon will recommend a timely replacement surgery. Issues like capsular contracture can be mild for many years and may not bother the patient.

However, if breasts appear dramatically asymmetric or cause discomfort, the patient can plan an implant exchange procedure or removal.

Toronto’s top breast implant replacement surgery factors:
  • A desire to increase the size and projection of breasts
  • A desire to decrease breast size and reduce weight
  • Implant exchange and breast lift for breast contour rejuvenation
  • Upgrading old implants to a safer, newer-generation implant
  • Change in implant position (over or under the muscle)
  • Change from saline to silicone, or vice versa

Location & Recovery

Where Will Your Toronto Breast Implant Replacement Surgery Take Place?

Your breast enhancement surgery will be performed in the stunning Sovereign Plastic Surgery Centre. We’re located in the heart of downtown Toronto with plenty of parking, attractions, shopping, and world-class hotels nearby.

We welcome out-of-town patients with support and advice for nursing options, scheduling, and details to make their stay seamless.

Our private, Level 3 OHP surgical suites are fully equipped, and they are home to an elite team of specialists. A licenced anesthesiologist, Royal College-certified plastic surgeons, and caring nurses cater to your needs. Our sun-filled operating and recovery rooms are elegantly designed with a warm, luxurious feel for your royal treatment.

The highest quality of safety and care standards for surgical and non-surgical procedures are exceeded at Sovereign.

You’re welcome to tour our clinic when you visit for your consultation.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Breast Implant Replacement?

Each procedure is custom-tailored for the individual, but there are standard elements to expect for any cosmetic surgery recovery.

Implant exchange surgery takes an average of 2 hours. You’ll be able to go home with a friend or family member as soon as you feel ready.

Steri strips (medical tapes) cover breast implant incisions, and a gauze dressing will usually be placed over that to cushion and absorb any minor bleeding.

Sponge baths are permitted for the first few days, and you’ll be advised to protect your incisions from submerging or soaking in water. You may be allowed to shower the next day.

Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided for you.

Medication to reduce discomfort and inflammation will be prescribed, along with an antibiotic. Many patients describe recovery after breast implant replacement as easier than their first breast augmentation. Within a few days, swelling and any bruising begin to resolve.

Plan for 1 to 2 weeks off work and a few weeks of avoiding strenuous workouts, swimming, and similar activities.

It may be helpful to ask someone to assist you with driving, pet, or childcare during the first 2 weeks after your procedure.

Talk to your surgeon about special events and activities that you have planned to arrange your most convenient recovery.

Breast Implant Replacement Costs In Toronto

At your consultation, you’ll be provided with a personalized quote outlining the total fees for your surgery. Procedure costs depend on individual treatment plans. The average cost to replace breast implants will be similar to primary breast augmentation.

Many people ask if breast implant replacement is covered by insurance. In Ontario, OHIP components to breast surgery relate to mastectomy and reconstruction almost exclusively. Changing implants based on preference is understood, but is not usually covered by any insurance.

We’re pleased to work with medical financing companies who make payments more manageable for men and women considering cosmetic surgery. We’ll be happy to provide the information you need to apply quickly and easily. Most people are approved within 24 hours.

Schedule a consultation

When you arrive at Sovereign for your consultation, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire that helps us understand you and your goals.

We’ll then escort you to your private suite to share concerns, provide a medical history, and examine the area in question. We strive to ensure that patients can take their time, ask questions, and gather all the crucial information needed to make an informed decision.

Your plastic surgeon will describe the risks and potential complications for your treatment, plus your step-by-step recovery instructions. Post-operative care, scar treatment advice, and any other relevant options can be discussed as well. Remember, you’ll have a second pre-operative planning appointment so that you feel confident before your surgery day.

We offer in-depth, no-obligation consultations so that you won’t feel pressured. Our knowledgeable team helps empower people like you to live with a body they love.

Do you have questions about Toronto breast implant replacement options? Please call or write today, and let’s get started.


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