Breast Reduction

Breast reduction in Toronto allows people to live life more comfortably through breast volume reduction.

Hypertrophy & Macromastia

Female breast hypertrophy is a medical term to describe abnormal glandular tissue enlargement. Also called “macromastia,” this condition is diagnosed by a physician, but many women know they have larger breasts than they are comfortable with before they see their doctor to confirm it. Women of all ages may struggle with breast size, and men can also experience a breast growth issue known as gynecomastia. For either case, breast reduction surgery in Toronto is common and effective.

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Breast Reduction Patients

Toronto breast reduction can help:

People feel less self-conscious

Dense breasts may leave painful indentations on a woman’s shoulders. She may attempt to cover up her chest and shoulders with baggy clothes and might avoid swimwear or lingerie altogether. For young women who are still in school and struggling with self-esteem, the extra attention that a large chest draws may be hard to manage.

Improve physical mobility

Large, heavy breasts can make participation in sports or strenuous workouts a challenge. Friction leads to painful rashes, and some women develop posture or neck discomfort. Chest movement may be limited somewhat with tight, restrictive sports bras, but it is often difficult to properly support very large breasts, making activities painful or awkward.

Improve body proportions

A chest that is more substantial than a woman’s bottom may cause her to appear top-heavy. Fitting into clothing can be just as tricky for large-breasted women with slim bodies as the reverse scenario. Many women find that a whole new range of clothing options appear once their breast size is reduced, and they feel lighter and slimmer than before.

Who is an ideal candidate for breast reduction in Toronto?

Breast reduction patients range from teens to post-menopausal women. It’s recommended that women wait until breast development is complete and until 6 months have passed after finishing breastfeeding. Because the ability to breastfeed may be altered through this procedure, it’s essential to discuss any concerns or plans that you have regarding this during your consultation.

There are several causes for macromastia, but overactive glands, fatty tissue from pubertal development, hormonal changes, menopause, or weight gain are common culprits. Mild tissue growth is considered to be less than 300 grams, moderate between 300 and 800 grams, severe exceeding 800 grams. The degree of severity and body disproportion also depend on a person’s overall body size.

Your plastic surgeon will discuss your overall health and medical history plus your body mass index (BMI). If you want to decrease your total body fat, you’ll be advised to do so before planning the surgery to ensure that the breast tissue is stable.

Ideal patients should have a realistic expectation of results, including the acceptance of scars surrounding the areolas and below each breast. They are created precisely and are expected to fade considerably, but they will not disappear.

Breast reduction surgery may be covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) when it’s deemed medically beneficial by the primary physician. Some women choose to reduce their breast size for non-essential, aesthetic reasons, and their costs are entirely private.

Results & Recovery

Toronto breast reduction techniques

The traditional approach for this surgery requires 3 incisions on the breast. A circumareolar incision allows for resizing and repositioning the areolas. A second incision runs vertically from the areola down to the breast crease. The third is horizontal and hides in the under-breast fold. This approach is also called the “anchor” because of the pattern, but typically the areolar and crease incisions aren’t easily seen.

It’s also possible to utilize a short scar method in some cases, also called the lollipop technique. Breast contouring through liposuction can be done in conjunction with a reduction. Your plastic surgeon will explain all the possibilities and their potential benefits to you.

What is breast reduction recovery like?

You’ll awaken in our spacious, comfortable surgical recovery suite. We’ll talk you through the steps for medication, washing, and resting at home. You’ll be free to leave with a friend or family member as soon as you feel up to it. You’ll have internal, dissolvable sutures and sticky medical tape covering your incisions. We’ll wrap your chest in a cushioned dressing, and you’ll likely have a soft, wire-free, post-operative bra placed on top. Most patients can shower the second or third day after surgery.

You should expect temporary swelling or bruising in the chest area to last roughly 10 to 14 days. Breast reduction isn’t usually described as painful, though you will have medication prescribed to keep you comfortable. Most patients take between 1 to 2 weeks off work. It will also take roughly 3 weeks for your incisions to be completely closed, so avoiding sources of infection during that time includes no baths, swimming, or hot tubs. Strenuous workouts and sports typically must wait until 6 weeks post-procedure.

After breast reduction, patients have reported sensation changes like numbness or tingling as the breasts heal. That’s expected and will usually subside within the first few months, but may last up to 1 year.

You’ll have follow-up appointments scheduled to visit us at regular intervals, but you’ll also be provided with your surgeon’s phone number and be welcomed to contact them with questions at any time.

When will you see your results?

Breast reduction incisions take the same time to heal as other incisions, but this surgery delivers some near-instant benefits. Patients report that they immediately notice reduced physical strain due to breast size. They feel a “weight off their chest” right after surgery, and over the following weeks, they report less neck, shoulder, and back pain. You can expect your breasts to feel somewhat firm and tender until roughly 3 to 4 months, when most inflammation has resolved. Scars require several months to fade, and there are natural products and treatments that we can recommend to improve the outcome.

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