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Nipple and areola correction at Sovereign Plastic Surgery offers you luxe comfort and discreet care at 59 Hayden Street.

Nipple Surgery & Correction

Nipple surgery in Toronto is a broad term used to describe a few different cosmetic procedures for the nipple-areola complex (NAC). For instance, you might search for “nipple surgery near me” to make your nipples protrude more or less.

You may also want to change the size or position of your areolas. If you meet with an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in NAC breast enhancement procedures, you can customize the best nipple surgery just for you.

Areola reduction, nipple reduction, or nipple eversion (inverted nipple correction) are all slightly different and designed to achieve improvements for a person’s nipples or the pigmented skin surrounding them (areolas).

90% of people polled on surgical patient forums say their nipple surgery was “worth it.” Could this straightforward procedure improve your body image?

Nipple and areola correction at Sovereign Plastic Surgery offers you luxe comfort and discreet care at 59 Hayden Street. You’re in excellent hands with our cosmetic surgery specialists

What Are Inverted Nipples?

When women ask if we can make nipples bigger, they often mean, is there a surgery for inverted nipples? There is, and thankfully it’s one of the more straightforward, quick procedures for the NAC with a high satisfaction rate.

Inverted nipples are common for men and women. When the ducts leading to a nipple are tight, the nipple is pulled inward. In some cases, it will appear flat and flush with the areola. In other cases, it creates an indent. People experience inverted nipples on just one side or both.

The process of releasing lactiferous constriction is typically done using local anaesthetic and IV sedation.

Nipple revision surgery for males and females is done through a tiny incision at the base of the nipple. The surgeon will place strong sutures to hold the nipple “out” while healing. They may advise a small foam doughnut or protective covering for the nipples during recovery.

The process takes roughly 1 hour for both sides, and patients head home the same day with minimal care needed. The results are usually permanent, though there are some risks to be aware of, such as potential interference with sensation or breastfeeding. Your plastic surgeon will explain the considerations in full.

Types of Nipple Surgery

Nipple Reduction Surgery

When protruding nipples show through clothing or seem disproportionately large, nipple surgery can reduce their size. In this case, we’re not referring to the areola aspect of the NAC, but the nipple itself.

Local and IV anaesthetic are administered while small incisions are made using a wedge technique or other approach to remove some nipple tissue. Sutures bring the edges together, and a new nipple size and shape is created.

Nipple reduction can be completed within 30 to 45 minutes, and patients usually heal within 1 to 2 weeks. There is minimal scarring expected, so it’s often a highly satisfying procedure.

Areola Reduction Surgery

This surgery is designed to decrease, reshape, and sometimes reposition the areolas. You may hear this referred to as nipple reduction, but the pigmented tissue comprising the areolas is the focus of this procedure.

Those who feel their areolas are too large may choose areola reduction surgery. It can be done under local or general anesthetic. Areola reduction  typically takes longer than other NAC procedures, as it’s a form of breast lift (mastopexy).

Areola reduction requires an incision all the way around the outer edge of the areola. A doughnut-shaped segment of skin is removed, leaving a smaller circle of areola skin. The edges are pulled in, then sutured around the smaller circle. Surgery takes 60 to 90 minutes on average, and patients return home the same day with mastopexy recovery instructions.

Side Effects & Candidacy

Potential Side Effects Or Complications From Nipple Surgery

Minor swelling, bruising, and temporary discomfort are expected in treatment areas for at least a few days.

Less common risks include infection, bleeding, permanent sensation loss, wound closure problems, and tissue loss.

Will nipple surgery affect your ability to breastfeed? It’s worth noting that not all women can breastfeed naturally. In general, surgery that involves the NAC can affect milk ducts and breastfeeding function. In some cases, breast ducts can be preserved, but we recommend that you discuss your expectations for breastfeeding with your surgeon when planning.

There is a risk of visible scarring, though most nipple surgery scars are subtle and blend well into the surrounding tissue.

Remember: Smoking constricts your blood flow, so it’s critical to avoid smoking and nicotine when having nipple surgery.

Who is a good candidate for nipple surgery in Toronto?

Both men and women can be good candidates for nipple surgery. If one or both of your nipples are inverted, if your areolas are asymmetric, or if your areolas have expanded with age or weight gain, you could be a good candidate for one or more corrective procedures.

If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your nipples, making a small change could have a big impact on your body confidence.

Good candidates have realistic expectations regarding inverted nipple surgery limitations. Many patients feel more confident and happier with their breast appearance after nipple surgery.

However, it’s essential that you feel stable and positive beforehand, seeking improvements, not perfection.

Location & Recovery

Where Will Your Toronto Nipple Surgery Take Place?

Your surgery will take place on site in the stunning Sovereign Plastic Surgery Centre, conveniently located in downtown Toronto.

Our private, fully equipped surgical suites, licenced anesthesiologists, Royal College-certified plastic surgeons, and skilled nurses cater to every detail of your needs. The highest safety and care standards are exceeded at Sovereign, and our sun-filled recovery rooms welcome guests to the royal treatment.

We make booking cosmetic surgery in Toronto convenient for out-of-town patients. We’re located close to many of Toronto’s best hotels, parking, attractions, and shopping. We’ll help you arrange a convenient and comfortable recovery, including nursing services at your home or hotel, if required.

Sovereign patients enjoy access to a collaborative team of plastic surgery experts in one comprehensive location.

What Is Inverted Nipple Surgery Recovery Like?

Each procedure is customized and somewhat unique, but there are a few standard elements to expect.

We’ll ask you to have a friend or relative pick you up and stay with you for a day after surgery. Medication for discomfort is given, but most people don’t describe nipple surgery recovery as painful.

Your sutures will be covered with sticky medical tapes that you can wash gently and pat dry. We’ll see you for a follow-up around 7 days later to remove the sutures and check on your progress. You’ll be asked to avoid working up a sweat, swimming, and strenuous activities for just a week or so. Then you can return to normal activities.

Most patients plan for 5 to 7 days off, but you can arrange what works best for you after speaking with your surgeon.

Areola or Inverted Nipple Surgery Cost in Canada

Nipple and areola reduction surgery are classified as cosmetic procedures, so they aren’t covered by most health insurance plans.

When searching for “areola reduction surgery” or “nipple surgery near me,” you’ll find a handful of clinics with pricing differences, or no specific prices listed, and that’s confusing for some people. Determining how much it costs to have nipple surgery can be answered based on a few factors:

  • Will you have a full areola reduction or just a nipple reduction?
  • Will you have one or both breasts treated?
  • Will you be having an inverted nipple correction, and will you add any other enhancements such as a breast augmentation with implants?

At your consultation, we’ll provide a personalized surgical quote outlining the total fees for your custom plan.

We work with reputable medical financing companies to make payment for cosmetic surgery more convenient and manageable. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with them, and approval is typically granted within 24 hours.

Schedule your consultation

The best way to learn whether inverted nipple surgery or areola or nipple reduction is right for you is to meet with a plastic surgeon in person.

Your consultation will be the first exciting step on your journey. At Sovereign, we provide no-obligation consultations, so you can get the most out of your time with us.

When you arrive at Sovereign Plastic Surgery, you’ll receive a questionnaire designed to help us understand your goals. Then your surgeon will listen to your concerns, gather medical history, and examine the treatment area.

We will discuss risks with you, along with step-by-step recovery details, and you’ll have another pre-operative meeting before your procedure day.

Our caring team is here to help empower you to love how you look. Please call or write today about nipple surgery in Toronto, and let’s get started.


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