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Your Facial Features

Chin implants help Toronto men and women improve facial features in powerful ways. Not just for strong, masculine jawlines, this cosmetic surgery is customizable to balance feminine contours too.

Also called mentoplasty, or chin augmentation, adding volume through dermal fillers and implants gained popularity in recent years.

An under-projected chin affects self-esteem. However, people who lack definition in the neck or struggle with double chins see these issues rapidly improved through chin implantation.

The appearance of a large projecting nose can also be transformed through altering the shape of the chin.

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery, our approach is custom-tailored for each individual, so your implant will meet your personal goals, precise measurements, and desired look. Today’s chin implant results don‘t appear to be synthetic or overpowering.

Your facial cosmetic surgery shouldn’t look like surgery at all. Discover how we do it at Sovereign.

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Chin Implant in Toronto, ON

How Do Chin Implants Work?

The ideal implant size and shape will be selected with your input during your pre-operative appointment. The procedure is relatively quick – roughly one hour- and takes place under general anaesthesia.

Chin implants are often porous, which allows them to lock securely in place as you heal. Precise pocket creation is also required to ensure a snug, lasting fit that is harmonized with your own tissue.

A small 2-cm to 3-cm incision is made on the inside of your lower lip, where the gums meet the mucosal tissue, or underneath the chin. One of the appealing factors of chin augmentation is how minimally invasive and straightforward implant insertion is, with well-hidden scars.

Removable or dissolvable sutures will close the incision, and medical tape will cover it.

Chin Implant Toronto

Is A Chin Implant Permanent?

One of the reasons why people choose augmentation with implants is the permanence. Chin implants don’t require maintenance and may last a lifetime in the absence of any unexpected issues.

People become accustomed to facial implants so quickly, they feel just like a natural part of the body shortly after recovery. That means you could carry on without thinking about them again. However, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied with an implant result, it can be easily removed. In those cases, the tissue usually returns to its former appearance, and a small, faint scar may be all that remains.

Most recipients of chin and jaw angle implants are thrilled with their results. The overall aesthetic effect of balanced facial bones is priceless.

Chin Implant Risks

Chin augmentation is not considered high-risk. However, there are considerations for anaesthetic that are common to all surgery as well as a possibility of bleeding, infection, or malposition of the implant.

Choosing a Royal College-certified facial plastic surgeon and a reputable clinic helps mitigate these risks. Recovery from chin augmentation is generally quite fast and straightforward.

Chin Implant Cost

In the GTA, chin implant costs usually range from $6,500 to $8,500 + HST. The fees will vary depending on the type of implant that you select. Prices are subject to change.

We’ll provide you with a personalized surgical quote after you meet with your surgeon. Medical financing companies help make payments more convenient too. Just ask us if you’d like to get in touch with financing options.

Chin Implant Candidates

Both men and women in Toronto choose chin implants to reshape facial contours. A small recessed chin can affect features such as the lips and nose.

Men often seek a chiselled look, while women choose subtle enhancement for balance.

Jaw angle implants work in harmony with chin projection to improve a narrow face or poor musculature. This augmentation is often done in conjunction with rhinoplasty for a comprehensive makeover.

If you’re a healthy person and you have realistic expectations for outcomes, you could be a great candidate for a chin implant.

Implants Improve Symmetry of Facial Features

The best chin implants improve the projection of the chin where it’s weak, along with the width and height. Ideal chin size and shape create an attractive profile.

Retrogenia (recessed chin) or facial injuries can lead to asymmetry. Additionally, many people have noticeably different bone structure on each side of their face. Sometimes these irregularities cause people to shy away from social situations, photographs, and looking in the mirror.

Your eye will tend to be drawn to facial imbalances, but a well-crafted implant can restore symmetry for confident selfies.

Likewise, a double chin is hard to shake, because diet and exercise don’t touch this problem spot. The phenomenon of a double chin is often genetic, and jaw structure has much to do with it. That’s why even a small implant reveals a significant reduction in double chins.


Your Experience at Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) ensures that high levels of patient care and safety are met. As one of the few fully accredited OHPs (out-of-hospital-premises) in Ontario, we’re pleased to offer state-of-the-art luxury and privacy in our surgical facilities.

Our sunlit operating rooms and comforting recovery suite are staffed by experienced, dedicated medical personnel.

Our convenient downtown Toronto location is ideal for locals and out-of-town guests. We’re just steps away from excellent hotels, amenities and shopping. Let us know if we can help you plan your stay or arrange private nursing.

Note* Today we make virtual consultations easier than ever. When you choose to discuss your Toronto chin implant procedure over a digital consult, count on ample discussion time and additional time for review on your procedure day.

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

There are non-surgical options that some people choose for chin augmentation. Whether you’re not yet ready to commit to surgery or the change you want is small, injectable filler can improve your profile, jawline, and volume in your chin.

Dermal filler takes just 10 to 15 minutes and requires virtually no downtime. It’s a fast option, and the results last roughly 9 months. Your facial plastic surgeon will be happy to share the range of choices available so that you can choose the best fit.

What to Expect From Chin implant Recovery

You’ll awaken in our recovery room and head home with a friend or family member when you’re ready.

Chin implant recovery is typically fast and is not considered painful, but you’ll receive medication for discomfort and an antibiotic. We’ll advise you to rest and to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling.

You may have a soft strap to wear, which holds the implant firmly in place. Oral hygiene will be essential to keep your incision healing well.

We’ll advise you about healthy, safe-to-eat foods and activities to avoid in the first few weeks after your chin implant surgery.

Most people can return to light work after 1 week.

We’ll see you for a few follow-up appointments to assess you, answer questions, and ensure that you love your new look.

Choose Sovereign Cosmetic Surgeons

If you’re considering a chin implant, we invite you to call or write to us today. Your consultation will involve discussing your desires, concerns, and questions as well as a physical exam and measurements. The current size and shape of your chin will dictate the best implant type for you.

3D Vectra imaging is a patient favourite, as it helps you visualize results before booking your procedure.

Everyone who walks through Sovereign’s doors is treated like royalty and receives experienced, honest feedback to guide them.

We look forward to discussing your chin implant with you!


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