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Double Chin?

Chin liposuction at Toronto’s Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery Clinic banishes double chins for a slim, sculpted neckline.

Submental liposuction, also called “chin lipo,” uses a small incision and a cannula to vacuum out stubborn pockets of chin fat.

Have you found that no matter how enthusiastically you diet or exercise, that bulge under the chin never goes away? Maybe, like a lot of men and women, you hide your neck in photos with creative angles or high necklines.

Unwanted fat along the jaw and under your chin can make your overall appearance heavier and might make you look older than you are. Or combined with buccal fat pockets (cheek fat), it might be contributing to a perpetual “baby face” that you’d rather not have.

Chin liposuction is targeted to a small, specific area, but it delivers dramatic improvement for facial contours.

Minimal scarring and a rapid recovery make this a patient favourite. Read on to consider whether submental liposuction for chin fat is right for you.

Do You Need Chin Liposuction or Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift surgery can be performed with chin lipo, but they’re not the same. If you’re not sure which you need, consider these differences.

Neck Lift

A neck lift usually suits people who struggle with skin sagging (turkey neck) and visible neck bands along with fat deposits.

Their neck may appear aged and wrinkled, requiring surgical skin excision and tightening. The process requires incisions similar to a facelift. Multiple concerns may be addressed, including fat removal.

Chin Liposuction

Double chin liposuction helps Toronto men and women permanently remove unwanted subcutaneous fat pockets under the chin. The surgery uses a tiny incision and doesn’t remove skin.

This procedure usually suits younger clients who have good skin tone and no sagging or wrinkling to address.

Both of these neck-contouring techniques work in harmony for comprehensive improvements. Facelift and necklift patients may request chin liposuction as a component of facial rejuvenation.

Visit the Sovereign facial plastic surgeons for your private consultation and personalized guidance.

Chin Liposuction Toronto

Who Is a Candidate for Chin Liposuction in Toronto?

Some people develop stubborn double (or triple) chins due to their diets or age. Others have this characteristic from youth because of their genetics. That’s why our chin liposuction patients range across all ages and backgrounds.

Candidates should have good skin elasticity, because the removal of subcutaneous fat requires skin to “bounce back” for a smooth result.

Patients have often tried everything from diet supplements to creams that claim to “shrink neck fat.” But double chins are extremely challenging areas to reduce without surgery. Liposuction obliterates the fat cells; it doesn’t just shrink them. As a result, the chin liposuction procedure delivers a high satisfaction rate.

Suitable candidates should be healthy and have realistic expectations for results.

A defined neckline can help you appear younger and more fit and get you taking photos confidently again.

How Is Chin Liposuction Performed?

General anaesthesia can be used for the chin liposuction procedure, or you and your surgeon may choose local anaesthetic with IV sedation. The process usually takes under an hour to complete.

To begin, the surgeon creates a small incision (just a couple millimetres in diameter) under the chin. Because the treatment area is small, you won’t need multiple visible incisions, and you won’t have noticeable scars.

The fat is removed until the desired contours are achieved.

Some people opt to have a chin implant inserted at the same time as chin lipo. The combined effect improves the look of a recessed, small chin and creates stronger-looking bone structure. This, in turn, balances facial proportions.

The incision is sutured closed, and then a soft compression garment may be placed around the head to help minimize swelling.

Chin Liposuction Recovery

You’ll spend some time in our comfortable recovery suite with our nurse by your side. You can return home with a friend or family member the same day when you feel up to it.

We’ll provide you with a recovery instruction kit, helpful advice, and pain medication to take if you need it. Most people don’t describe chin liposuction recovery as painful. Aside from mild swelling or bruising, you’ll be able to complete most light daily activities in comfort.

We’ll see you at our clinic by Day 5 to 7 for a check-up and suture removal.

You’ll be advised to avoid bending over or heavy lifting for a couple of weeks, as that can increase swelling and pressure in the face. Place multiple pillows under your head and neck to help reduce swelling while sleeping.

Most chin liposuction patients return to work within just a week, depending on the demands of their job. Fast recovery is one of the most attractive aspects of this procedure.

Your plastic surgeon will discuss risks to be aware of, like unexpected bleeding, infection, or skin sensation changes, and how we mitigate them.


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