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Subtle Cosmetic Enhancement

What contributes to a youthful-looking face? More lip lift patients in Toronto are discovering that this subtle cosmetic enhancement can have a powerful impact on their appearance.

About 2 mm of tooth show is considered aesthetically ideal for a well-proportioned mouth. For many people, aging leads to changes like reduced lip fullness and an elongated upper lip area. Between the bottom of the nose and the top lip, extra space and hidden front teeth might be making you look older than you are.

That’s why lip lift surgery on its own – or in harmony with a facelift – can revive a perky, younger appearance and attractive smile.

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto, our specialized team of Royal College-certified plastic surgeons offer bespoke facial cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments customized for your optimal, natural beauty. Contact our team to learn more about this increasingly popular treatment.

What Can Lip Lift Surgery Do for You?

Whether your lips develop lines, lose volume over time, or were always thinner than you wanted, injectable fillers could be an instant non-surgical solution. However, upper lift lip surgery can be a superior long-term solution in some cases.

During the consultation, your facial plastic surgeon will measure the space above your upper lip. They’ll also let you know how this feature and lip proportions may affect your overall facial appearance. The lip-lifting procedure can not only shrink the space under your nose, but also has a “lip flip” effect, turning the upper lip slightly outward so that more of the pink area shows. This gives the effect of a fuller lip without fillers, and it lasts.

Patients often report feeling instantly younger-looking and love the look of their smile after making this small but impactful change.

What to Expect During Your Lip Lift

In most cases, upper lip lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. At the fully accredited, state-of-the-art Sovereign Surgical Centre, you’ll undergo your procedure in as little as 30 minutes and return home the same day once you’re ready to go.

Your surgeon will meet with you before the procedure to draw a few lines on your skin and explain what will take place. During your surgery, a small incision at the base of the nose is made in the shape of bullhorns. A thin section of skin is then removed, and the space is closed with tiny sutures. This elevates the upper lip.

Modified Lip Lift at Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery

Today, more people than ever are discovering lip lift surgery and are inquiring about their own treatment. But did you know that your final result will depend on the surgical techniques used?

Not every cosmetic surgeon approaches lip-shortening and augmentation in the same way. Innovative Toronto lip lift surgeons have modified the way that this procedure is done with the goal of discreet scars and a quicker recovery.

Visible scarring is always a possibility with facial surgery. However, the plastic surgeons at Sovereign have adapted their approach for a nearly “scarless” outcome. Now, modified lip lift surgery gives an even more natural, discreet result.

The modified method uses an endonasal incision that doesn’t cross directly over the nasal base. It circles under each nostril and moves up vertically into the mucosa of the nostrils. Inside the nose, incisions and eventual scars are hidden from sight.

Modified Means Superior Results
  • Patients don’t see a line running across the bottom of the nasal sill. Instead, once healed, it will require close scrutiny to see evidence of your lip-lift procedure.
  • Our modified technique allows busy people to get back to normal life very quickly, which is part of the appeal.
  • Patients want to look youthful and feel attractive with a proportionate mouth, but they want to achieve it naturally, without evidence of surgery. That’s what our modified lip lift delivers while reducing the risk of nasal distortion or other complications.

Lip Lift Recovery

You’ll be able to return home or to your hotel shortly after lip lift surgery and resume work within 7 to 10 days. We advise all facial cosmetic surgery patients to avoid strenuous activity, like working out at the gym or bending over, for at least 3 weeks.

You can expect some moderate discomfort and swelling, which will peak around Day 4 and be noticeable for roughly 2 weeks. You will also be encouraged to follow a soft diet plan while healing and refrain from opening your mouth widely for at least 1 week. Sutures at the base of the nose will either be removed at a follow-up appointment or may be dissolvable.

The lips are a sensitive, vascular area, so although incisions will be relatively minor, some residual swelling or sensation changes may persist for a few months. We’ll provide you with instructions to protect and minimize scars so they are virtually invisible and so that you’ll enjoy optimal results.

Schedule Your Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Your Toronto cosmetic surgery experience with us can be surprisingly comfortable and richly rewarding. Our skilled plastic surgeons treat men and women from across the Greater Toronto Area and the world. We specialize in bespoke cosmetic surgery transformations.

During your consultation, you can expect a detailed physical assessment and discussion of your goals, concerns, and questions. We provide honest feedback and may recommend more than one treatment plan to choose from. We also provide a personalized quote, and our helpful team will offer flexible booking options when you are ready to proceed.

If you’re considering a lasting lip augmentation or want to balance your features and love your smile again, we’d love to meet you. Call or write to book your lip lift consultation today!

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