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When a good night’s sleep doesn’t smooth away the bags under your eyes, it might be time to consider one of Toronto’s most popular eye-rejuvenating procedures. Lower blepharoplasty, also called lower eyelid surgery, zeros in on puffiness or sagging under the eyes.

Men and women choose eyelid surgery for a variety of reasons, not always related to age. Whether you’ve been appearing tired since you can remember or your eye bags became more pronounced with age, a closer look at blepharoplasty could offer the refresh that your eyes need.

Lower Blepharoplasty for Eyelid Aging

Eyelid skin is exceptionally thin, and the delicate ligaments and muscle underneath tend to lose elasticity over time as well. While fine lines appear as “crow’s-feet,” changes under the surface may include shifting and protruding fat pads that are no longer held firmly in place.

Tissue laxity and diminished collagen and hydration affect the eye area first for many people. While you could see darkened hollows appear when facial fat volume fades, many people see the opposite effect with heavy, baggy under-eyes.

Although laser treatments, chemical peels, and excellent skincare help resurface and restore smooth skin, the 3D problem of puffy eyes is more challenging to fix.

Under-eye bags also relate to a few temporary conditions such as water retention or fatigue. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine you and ask questions to determine the root cause of your eyelid concerns, then recommend blepharoplasty if you’re a good candidate.

Many of our Toronto blepharoplasty patients have tried everything to treat puffy eyes at home. From cold spoons and cucumbers to expensive eye creams, there’s only so much that topical care can do when fat pads or lax skin are the issue.

The good news is that eyelid surgery is considered one of the easiest cosmetic procedures to recover from, and it often leaves minimal or no signs of surgery. The result from minor, subtle alterations under the eye can dramatically improve your appearance, allowing you to look as vibrant, youthful, and rested as you feel!

Lower Blepharoplasty Toronto

How Is Lower Eyelid Surgery Done?

Ideal lower lids appear smooth at rest and blend into the upper cheek. Lid margins should meet the bottom of the iris, creating a seal along the eyeball.

To remove or reposition fat pads and tighten skin, different surgical techniques are used, depending on the extent of individual patient needs.

Blepharoplasty incisions may be external, just under the lower lashline, or internal and invisible.

Incisions inside the lower lid are transconjunctival. Through a small opening, the surgeon can remove fat, which contributes to puffiness. There are multiple fat pads in this region of the face. Some fat pads can be moved to a lower position, helping create a smooth cheek/lid transition.

Care is taken to avoid removing too much fat, because some soft volume is necessary for youthful padding around the eyes. The incision may be closed with a few small, absorbable sutures and will not be visible at all from outside the eye.

The transconjunctival approach is often ideal for young patients who have firm skin tone and no visible sagging or wrinkles under the eye. Once excess fat pads are removed, the skin will lie flat, creating a rested appearance without under-eye bags. This simple procedure has a profound impact on the appearance, but it must be carried out by an experienced surgeon with an eye toward the future. We can expect to lose some fat volume in the face with age, so this is taken into account when planning meticulous changes.

A more complex lower blepharoplasty method involves excising a small amount of skin along with fat tissue. Older clients may have notable sagging under their eyes and loose skin. Some people’s eyelid muscles relax, leaving the lower lid gaping away from the eyeball and drooping downward.

An incision under the lower lash line extends just beyond the outer corner. This provides the surgeon with access to reinforce ligaments and tighten the lower lid. An ellipse of skin will be removed and a row of fine sutures placed just under the lashes, where they hide well. The resulting scar is faint and barely detectable in most cases.


Following lower blepharoplasty surgery, you’ll return home or to your hotel with a friend or family member as soon as you feel ready. We’ll see you again for a follow-up appointment within the first 7 days.

Recovery after eyelid surgery is experienced differently, depending on procedure details, including whether blepharoplasty is combined with other treatments.

The eyelids and upper cheeks may appear swollen or bruised for roughly 2 weeks post-op. However, the majority of the swelling will begin to resolve after the first 3 or 4 days.

Facial skin is exceptionally vascular, and sensitive eyes are often watery for the first week. Medicated eye drops also contribute to blurred vision.

You’ll be advised to keep your head and shoulders elevated 45 degrees when sleeping, because gravity contributes to increased pressure and discomfort. For the same reason, you should not bend over or do any heavy lifting or aerobic exercise until you receive the all-clear from your surgeon.

For your comfort, it’s recommended that you prepare a comfortable space at home with dim lighting, lots of pillows, and entertainment that you can listen to. Bright lights and straining the eyes to see digital screens can be uncomfortable during the first few days of recovery.

The majority of Sovereign Cosmetic blepharoplasty patients return to work and light activity at 1 to 2 weeks. Your more youthful-looking under-eyes will gradually be revealed within the first month. The results tend to be extremely long-lasting.


Candidates for cosmetic surgery should be in good health and non-smoking, which helps ensure optimal healing and results.

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery, our eyelid surgery patients say things like, “My mother has the same eye bags.” If either parent has distinctive puffy or sagging under-eyes, you might see yours appearing before long. Some people have hereditary eye bags even when they are quite young. If this describes you and you wish that you could smooth and flatten them out for good, blepharoplasty might be for you. It’s a highly satisfying procedure, known for rapid recovery and minimal scarring.

Likewise, if you’ve developed a tired appearance over time because of under-eye bags casting a perpetual shadow, it may be a sign of aging that you can treat quickly and beautifully with lower eyelid surgery. The impact that our eyes have is undeniable, and no one appreciates looking older or less healthy than they feel. If you’re ready to make a simple change that could revive your whole face, contact us about lower blepharoplasty today.

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Blepharoplasty is a technically detailed and demanding procedure, even though the results are subtle and natural-looking. When you schedule a consultation at Sovereign, you’ll meet directly with one of our highly specialized facial plastic surgeons to discuss your goals.

We’re happy to welcome you to our elegantly designed, full-service cosmetic clinic. You’ll be escorted to a private suite for your discussion about blepharoplasty and available options for you.

Cosmetic surgery is an art form, and personalization brings out the best result for each unique patient. Our surgeons use Vectra digital imaging and photography to demonstrate your potential transformation in a way that comes to life before your eyes.

We’ll take time to answer all of your questions and ensure that you’re prepared with the necessary information to make the right choice for you. We work with excellent medical financing companies and offer flexible surgery booking in our fully accredited level 3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) facility.

Lower blepharoplasty could be the small facial improvement that makes the biggest impact for you this year. We’d love to help you take that step. Call or write to book the next available consultation at Sovereign.

We look forward to meeting you.


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