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Jawline Definition

Neck liposuction at Toronto’s Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery Clinic zeros in on one of the most troubling aesthetic issues that men and women deal with.

Facial and complexion concerns get a lot of attention. There are facelifts, laser skin tightening, cosmetic injections, and more to restore, plump, and smooth skin.

But the often overlooked neck region is not without its issues. In fact, while facial features are smooth and youthful for some people, their neck shows uneven fat distribution, bulges, rings, and poor definition.

Having unwanted fat accumulate on the neck can detract from your bone structure and youthful contours. It might even make you appear heavier than you are!

The chin is the foundation of your face, and too much fullness can make it seem to vanish.

Revealing jawline definition and a slimmer neck via liposuction is a powerful way to make attractive changes with minimal scarring or downtime. Learn about this popular treatment and consider whether it’s the best neck-slimming solution for you.

Deciding Between Neck Liposuction and Neck Lift Surgery

These procedures may be performed at the same time, but they aren’t identical. In fact, good candidates for standalone neck liposuction may not be suitable for a lift, and vice versa.

Neck liposuction and neck lifts are both neck-contouring procedures. One removes fat only, the other removes excess skin, tightens muscles, and may remove fat.

Neck Lift

A neck lift surgery typically suits an individual with notable skin sagging, platysmal banding, and excess fat deposits. The surgeon creates incisions similar to a facelift to tighten the skin and will adjust platysmal bands for a smooth result.

Neck Liposuction

Comparatively, neck liposuction utilizes very small incisions to insert a soft cannula that draws out fat deposits. It doesn’t remove or tighten skin and will not affect the neck muscles.

Neck liposuction performed alone is usually recommended for younger clients who see unwanted subcutaneous fat obscuring their jaw definition or creating bulges.

Both neck-contouring techniques work well in harmony for comprehensive improvements—patients undergoing facelifts often request neck sculpting too.

Not sure what you need? Visit our experienced facial plastic surgeons for a private consultation and receive personalized guidance.

Neck Liposuction Toronto

Who’s a Good Candidate for Neck and Jawline Liposuction?

Patients in their 30’s and 40’s sometimes see neck fat begin to accumulate. Others have poorly defined necks and fat deposits from a young age, due to heredity. Typical patients seeking neck liposuction in Toronto are male or female with good skin elasticity.

Candidates for liposuction often diet and exercise but are disappointed by the lack of improvement in the neck area. They may also see that their chin seems to “disappear” as they age.

Plenty of creams and devices claim to be able to “shrink neck fat.” Unfortunately, without physically removing those cells through qualified surgery, the many tricks for neck fat are bound to disappoint.

People considering cosmetic surgery must be in good general health. If you smoke, you’ll be asked to stop and avoid nicotine products 2 weeks before and after neck liposuction to promote optimal healing.

The impact of neck liposuction is powerfully anti-ageing, but it appears natural in most cases. A slimmer jawline can make a person appear younger, healthier, and more fit as well as add refined definition to facial features.

Neck and Jawline Liposuction Candidates

How Is Neck Liposuction Performed?

General anaesthesia is often used for a neck liposuction procedure, and it takes 1 hour on average to complete. The facial surgeon creates a tiny incision under your chin to insert a blunt-tipped cannula. Because the neck area is relatively small, only one incision is usually required as an access point. Fat is broken up and removed to reveal more of the musculature and bone structure underneath.

During this surgery, depending on your individual needs, you may opt to have a chin implant inserted or undergo platysmal neckband repair (platysmaplasty).

The incision will be closed with 1 or 2 sutures. Then a light compression garment is placed on to help reduce swelling and improve contours.

Neck Liposuction Recovery

You’ll wake and recover from your procedure in our comfortable recovery suite with a Sovereign nurse by your side. On the same day, you’ll be free to return home or to your hotel with a friend or family member.

We’ll provide pain medication to take if needed, and a detailed post-operative instruction kit for guidance and peace of mind. You’ll have direct access to contact your surgeon or medical team with any questions or concerns. We see patients for suture removal and a check-up roughly 5 to 7 days after surgery.

Your neck should feel just mildly sore and swollen once relaxing at home. You may see bruising, and you’ll be asked to avoid bending over, heavy lifting, or aerobic activity that increases bruises. Reading, watching TV, and short walks are fine. This will be a great time to ask for help around the house and with pets or childcare. We’ll advise you to elevate your head and shoulders when lying down for a faster, more comfortable recovery.

Most people return to light work between 1 and 2 weeks after surgery. Your individual job requirements and preferences will be discussed when you plan ahead with your surgeon.

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