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Corrective Nose

Most people don’t plan to have revision rhinoplasty when they first consider a nose job. However, secondary or corrective nose surgery is relatively common. It can be a challenging situation for Toronto cosmetic patients to face, but the experienced plastic surgeons at Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery are here to help.

For several reasons, a primary rhinoplasty might not achieve the desired improvement for a person’s nose. For instance, visible deformities or functional problems may result from a previous nose surgery.

While the prospect of revision rhinoplasty may feel stressful, selecting a knowledgeable rhinoplasty surgeon with extensive experience in this specialty field can ensure that you have a safe, optimal experience.

At Sovereign, we want your second rhinoplasty to be a success, and we’ll work with you to reveal a nose that you love.

Why Is Revision Rhinoplasty in Toronto Highly Specialized?

The nose is comprised of delicate internal structures. That makes rhinoplasty more complex than you may think. It’s this intricacy that makes nose surgery such a challenging sub-specialty of plastic surgery. This complexity is also the reason why an estimated 10% of nose jobs need additional work.

Unfortunately, a nose that has previously been operated on may have weakened support structures, altered blood supply, and scar tissue present. Prolonged inflammation of the nasal membranes can also make the tissue tougher to work with during revision procedures.

This means that you need an extremely experienced reconstructive rhinoplasty surgeon to plan and perform a successful second surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty Toronto

Planning Your Revision Rhinoplasty in Toronto

As you’re considering improvements to your nose, you’ll need to answer a few important questions for yourself.

Does your original surgeon have revision rhinoplasty experience?
Will you return to your surgeon for revision?
Are you comfortable with your surgical plan?

Surgeons who specialize in facial and rhinoplasty procedures are ideally suited to perform corrective work on the nose. The one who performed your first surgery knows which techniques were used and is familiar with your nasal anatomy.

The need for a revision isn’t necessarily the fault of your surgeon or due to poor technique. Variables like individual anatomy and medical complications affect outcomes. When you are undergoing a second corrective procedure, be sure to ask plenty of questions and communicate about your concerns, the details of your plan, and post-operative care.

If you find that you don’t have confidence in your surgeon or an understanding with your surgeon, you might benefit from a second opinion and consultations with surgeons whose expertise match your goals.

Sometimes a cosmetic surgeon will refer patients to a colleague who has the appropriate skillset to address a particular problem. The rhinoplasty surgeons at Sovereign are happy to meet with you and offer personalised feedback to help you plan your next steps.

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Credentials

Reducing the risk of disappointment begins with selecting specialists who have the right credentials.

You can use the following as a checklist:
  • Your surgeon should be accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  • They should also have additional certification and practical experience in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Familiarity with rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty work is critical, as consistent practice improves skill.

We have formed a stellar team of elite plastic surgeons and medical professionals focused on aesthetic excellence. Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery offers you leading revision rhinoplasty specialists and a welcoming experience that is second to none.

How Will Your Revision Nose Job Be Performed?

Your surgeon likely removed some tissue during your primary rhinoplasty, so rebuilding strength and structure may require grafts. The grafts can be synthetic Gore-Tex or silicone. Or they may be formed from your natural cartilage. Your surgeon will discuss the potential for harvesting cartilage.

Due to increased complexity, revision rhinoplasty surgery often takes longer to perform. Your full recovery may take longer too. Though some corrective work involves small interventions referred to as “tweaks”, others are extensive.

Recovery from a secondary procedure requires extra patience, because the final results may not take shape for several months or even longer than a year. It’s critical to know that perfection is not a realistic goal. Every time your nose is altered, the outcome will be harder to predict. That is why knowledgable surgeons have a frank, honest conversation with their patients to help prepare them mentally and emotionally for their personal journey. They will be cautious, resourceful, and methodical to help you achieve your best possible outcome.

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto, you can expect to be treated with a unique, customized approach by our dedicated plastic surgeons.

Revision Rhinoplasty Consultation at Sovereign

Your consultation for revision rhinoplasty in Toronto will answer important questions and help ensure that you’re set up for success.

Planning additional procedures after your first rhinoplasty can be an emotional or frustrating process for the patient. Though complications or suboptimal outcomes are an accepted risk with any cosmetic surgery, delayed results and uncertainty take their toll.

Empathetic surgeons who understand your situation and perspective will take plenty of time to listen and explain all aspects of your procedure or options. During your consultation at Sovereign, we’ll provide specific information about the possibilities and limitations for correction, along with a realistic projection of what to expect.

You’ll also receive a personalized surgical quote and flexible options for booking your procedure. Our team is here to help make the next phase of your treatment worry-free and enjoyable.

If you need additional nasal surgery or you’re not sure whether revision rhinoplasty is right for you, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery. We’ll be happy to  assess your situation and offer professional recommendations based on in-depth nasal reconstructive experience and cosmetic artistry.


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