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Your Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery designed to improve form, function, or both. A “nose job” often describes reshaping or resizing this prominent feature. However, breathing improvement with septoplasty can also be referred to as a nose job.

Have you been dreaming of a more proportionate, attractive nose? Few facial features affect a person’s confidence and self-image as much as the nose does. That’s why even very subtle enhancements in the hands of a facial plastic surgeon make a powerful impact.

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery, our facial plastic surgeons are skilled in the art of rhinoplasty. Toronto nose job patients request ethnic rhinoplasty, revision work, tiplasty, and complex remodelling.

No matter what your desired look is, rest assured that your procedure will be completely customized just for you.

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Rhinoplasty in Toronto, ON

How Does a Toronto Rhinoplasty Work?

Your surgeon will begin by creating small, fine incisions within the nasal passages and often across the underside of the nose. Skin is elevated to access the underlying bone and cartilage. Depending on each person’s unique anatomy and desires, material can be straightened, reinforced, or removed with precision. The options for remodelling noses are nearly as diverse as people are.

Together, the Sovereign surgical team has experience with open and closed rhinoplasty techniques and with various reconstructive or revision methods.

We believe in a tailored, customized approach, whether significant or subtle changes are desired. The goal for the best rhinoplasty result is keeping facial balance, natural characteristics, and harmony with all of your features. Your nose job shouldn’t look like a nose job.

Rhinoplasty Toronto

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

There isn’t an ideal age for rhinoplasty, but typical patients range from their late teens to over 60. If you’re healthy, with no untreated medical conditions, you may be a good candidate for facial cosmetic surgery.

Younger patients are usually advised to wait until age 16 or until puberty is complete. Older patients may require pre-operative testing to ensure that they’re set up for success during and after treatment.

Each patient’s deciding factors are unique, but common concerns that inspire rhinoplasty include:

    • A disproportionately large or small nose
    • A bump on the nasal bridge
    • Wide or narrow nostrils
    • A nasal tip that protrudes too far or too low, or a bulbous tip
    • Repair of trauma
    • Revision of previous surgical work
    • A crooked nose or deviated septum

At Sovereign, your plastic surgeon will use computer imaging to show you how different alterations could appear. Our patients are often incredibly excited to see the overall effect that a few small changes reveal.

A septoplasty can be performed with rhinoplasty. This functional repair is not cosmetic and may be covered by provincial insurance, which will affect the overall cost of the procedure.

What to Expect

Our bright, contemporary facility is equipped with the latest technology, including a state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging system.

With our brand-new operating and recovery rooms conveniently on-site, our own highly qualified team looks after your entire experience. We’re pleased to surpass the accreditation standards for Level 3 out-of-hospital premises (OHP), and we ensure uncompromising levels of safety and excellence in patient care.

Our downtown Toronto plastic surgery clinic is filled with light for a clean, chic ambience. Our office systems are green and paperless too!

Many of our valued guests travel from outside the GTA and even Canada to see us. Fortunately, we’re located just steps from the city’s finest hotels.

Once you’ve chosen to proceed with nose surgery, we’ll provide a personalized quote regarding rhinoplasty cost. Medical financing companies provide payment options and greater flexibility, so please let us know if you’d like to be connected with one of them.

You’ll visit us again before your procedure to discuss pre-op planning and recovery details.

Note* Now we make virtual consultations easier than ever. If you opt for a digital consult, rest assured that your surgeon will provide ample discussion time and see you for additional discussion on the day of your surgery.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Immediately after your rhinoplasty

Most people describe nose surgery recovery as manageable, not overly painful. You’ll receive a prescription for pain reliever, if you need it, and an antibiotic. Expect some swelling, bruising, and possibly a sensation of pressure in the nose.

You’ll need a friend, family member, or nurse to return home or to your hotel with you. We’ll advise you to keep your head up, rest, and take it easy for the first week.

Specialized surgical techniques reduce trauma and bleeding, so aside from a small amount of gauze under your nostrils, you won’t need to manage wound care. We’ll see you for a follow-up appointment and remove sutures by days 5 to 7.

Detailed instructions regarding activities, washing, positioning, and more are provided at a pre-operative visit. Most people see swelling begin to reduce around 3 days after rhinoplasty. The nose appears dramatically improved by 2 weeks.

You can likely return to school or light work between 1 and 2 weeks after your rhinoplasty, depending on your personal situation.

After 2 weeks

Rhinoplasty swelling requires plenty of patience. Though most improvement is visible within 14 days, a small amount of residual inflammation can persist for several months, especially in the delicate nasal tip.

Avoid sports or any facial injury risk for at least 6 weeks after your rhinoplasty. Skin is sensitive to UV rays while healing as well, so remember a hat and sunscreen at all times.

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Choose Sovereign Rhinoplasty Surgeons

The best rhinoplasty surgeon for Toronto men and women is one with extensive, specific facial and nose surgery experience. They should be Royal College-certified and should communicate their plan for natural-looking results in a way that makes you comfortable.

Nasal surgery is a challenging sub-specialty, so choose a surgeon with adequate training and a wealth of rhinoplasty before and after results.

We’ve selected an elite team of professional colleagues to practice under one roof at Sovereign. We’re passionate about cosmetic surgery, and we look forward to working with you.

Please call or write for a consultation and take one step closer to your rhinoplasty. We look forward to helping you reveal a look that you’ll love.


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