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Butt implant surgery helps Toronto men and women achieve a fuller, shapely figure when exercise and nature don’t give them the proportions they want.

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Gluteal Surgery

Just like a Brazilian butt lift, gluteal implant surgery adds volume to the posterior. Rather than fat grafting or buttock injections, implant surgery places semi-firm, silicone gel implants into the posterior to add the desired size and shape increase.

Many people wish they were born with a firmer-looking, sexier bottom. Recent trends have seen fashion and celebrity culture praise larger bottoms for women. Men also find themselves working hard at the gym to build strong muscles in the buttocks, yet often have a difficult time increasing size in this area. After weight loss, or if you are naturally slim, your buttocks may appear flat and shapeless.

The introduction of specially formed butt implants allows clothing to fit better. Butt implant surgery may also boost overall body confidence.

At Sovereign Plastic Surgery, your Royal College-certified plastic surgeon can help you plan your custom body-contouring procedure. We’ll explain what you need to know about butt implant surgery in Toronto.

What Is Butt Implant Surgery in Toronto?

Buttock implants are created with firm, cohesive silicone gel. This is the same material used in silicone breast implants, but the gummy bear consistency is significantly firmer to hold a muscular form in the body.

Following butt implant surgery, Toronto patients often report that their clothing options expand dramatically. From form-fitting workout clothes and swimwear to filling out their favourite jeans, they no longer hide their flat rear under layers of camouflage. The implants feel real, so they don’t shy away from touch either. The improvement can be truly life-changing.

You’re invited to a no-obligation, private consultation at Sovereign Plastic Surgery to learn more about your gluteal enhancement options.

How Is Butt Implant Surgery Performed?

Your butt implant surgery will take place in the discreet comfort of our state-of-the-art surgical centre, located in downtown Toronto. Our contemporary Level 3 (out-of-hospital premises) OHP surgical facility exceeds the highest standards of safety and accreditation, providing unparalleled care for our clients.

Patients undergo general anaesthetic, and the procedure typically takes 2 hours.

5 to 6 cm incisions are typically made within the gluteal fold (intergluteal cleft) at the base of the coccyx, which means they’ll be very well hidden once healed.

Toronto buttock augmentation typically sees implants inserted under the fascia of the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus) or within the muscle itself. Placement completely under muscles may endanger the sciatic nerve and vessels.

Conversely, positioning implants under the fat alone offers little support or cover and could encourage implant displacement. Muscle fascia is a strong, tough support layer covering the muscle, and it provides excellent camouflage and firm, smooth structure for the implants.

Your plastic surgeon may perform liposuction and fat grafting at the same time to add further enhancement to the area. Specifics of your surgical plan will be discussed during the consultation for butt implant surgery.

Once the buttock implants are in place, the incisions will be closed using a layered suture technique to reduce tension on the skin and make the scar line as thin as possible. Steri strips are placed over the sutures and a light gauze dressing placed on top before you are gently awakened and brought to our inviting recovery room.

Recovery & Considerations

What Should You Expect from Butt Implant Recovery?

After butt implant surgery, you’ll be able to proceed home as soon as you feel up to it, but a family member or friend must accompany you and drive. As you won’t be permitted to sit directly on your bottom for a few weeks, you’ll need to lie on your front when resting. You may use an adaptive, doughnut pillow for sitting after the first 2 weeks.

We’ll recommend that you change position and walk slowly immediately following surgery. When lying down, move your feet and legs every 1 to 2 hours to encourage proper circulation.

You’ll receive a prescription for a pain reliever and instructions to care for your incisions while you heal. These include avoiding swimming pools, bathtubs, and other water submersion until your incisions are closed by roughly 3 weeks post-op.

We’ll see you back at the clinic for follow-up exams and to reassure you that you’re on the right track. You’ll notice that the majority of swelling and bruises resolve within 2 to 3 weeks after your butt implant surgery. The residual inflammation will be gone by roughly 4 to 6 months. Scars fade and flatten over several months as well.

Most patients are advised to avoid aerobic activity for 3 weeks, as it can prolong swelling and increase bleeding risks.

Heavy lifting and vigorous workouts or sports will be permitted again closer to 6 weeks.

Expect to take 2 weeks off work. Depending on the nature of your job, you can request a modified workload after that.

Buttock Implant Risks and Considerations

The incisions for butt implant surgery are relatively small compared with those of a butt lift. However, they carry risks of infection, bleeding, and unwanted scarring. There are risks inherent with general anaesthetic as well as the possibility of rejection or other implant complications. In rare cases, butt implants can change position, requiring corrective surgery. Selecting a skilled surgeon who provides excellent follow-up care typically keeps complication rates low.

Skin sensation changes, numbness, or tingling sometimes occur while the body adapts to implants, and some sensation loss may persist.

It’s vital that patients avoid smoking or nicotine before and after butt implant surgery to ensure optimal blood flow and healing.

Toronto Butt Implant Candidates

Butt implant surgery offers permanent augmentation for people who can’t or don’t wish to enhance their buttocks through fat-grafting surgery. For people with underdeveloped buttocks and minimal body fat, building up the desired curves can be difficult or even ineffective.

Gluteal implants may be combined with a butt lift surgery after significant weight loss. Sometimes people develop excess, sagging skin in the buttocks and thighs due to age and weight loss. Some of that lax skin can be removed and tightened before adding the implant prosthesis.

You may consider gluteal implants if:

  • You have a healthy BMI (body mass index) and have maintained your weight for 12 months or more
  • You lack the firm buttock contours that you want
  • You don’t qualify for a Brazilian butt lift due to a lack of available body fat
  • You want to know which buttock augmentation treatment is best for you

Men and women who are in good health and have realistic expectations for outcomes make ideal candidates.

Schedule Your No-Obligation Consultation at Sovereign Plastic Surgery

We’d love to help you transform your shape into the one you love! Working toward a healthy, attractive body takes determination. Many people like you put energy into fitness for the physique they want, but diet and body building will get them only so far. You deserve to feel fabulous in your skin.

If you think you could benefit from butt implant surgery, Toronto’s Sovereign Plastic Surgery will be happy to arrange your information session. During your first appointment with your plastic surgeon, you can ask plenty of questions, trusting that you’re listened to and that you’ll receive thoughtful, personalized feedback.

Your plastic surgeon will customize a plan just for you and give you a surgical quote to take home. We work with medical financing companies that offer convenient payment plans for people who are interested.

Our expansive facility offers a luxurious yet warm environment for royal treatment with a family of professionals who care. Call or write to us at Sovereign today. Let’s discuss your beautiful improvements with butt implant surgery in Toronto.


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