Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implants help Toronto patients sculpt the chiselled, masculine chest they want

Pec Contouring

An ideal male figure often highlights a strong-looking chest, yet that form doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Pectoral augmentation, also called “pec” implants, is less well known among cosmetic surgeries, but as technology and techniques advance, more men in Toronto choose pec implants to change how they look and feel.

If you desire a stronger-looking, sculpted chest, your pectoralis muscles may benefit from augmentation to enhance their size and shape.

Toronto’s Sovereign Plastic Surgery is home to experienced plastic surgeons and caters to a high percentage of male clients. We understand custom male body contouring, and we can partner with you to create improvements that will highlight your best features, proportions, and aesthetic result.

Whether you’re a body-builder, weekend athlete, or not at the fitness level you want to be, we’ll be pleased to meet with you one on one and plan to build your physique and confidence.

How Is Toronto Pectoral Implant Surgery Performed?

Silicone implants are typically used for pectoral enhancement. They are similar to the more well-known “breast implants,” but not the same. The shape, consistency, and firmness of the silicone gel are unique to implants designed for men.

Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approve pec implants, and they feel somewhat firm, so there’s no risk of leakage. Your plastic surgeon will show you available options and help you choose the devices that suit your unique needs.

Your procedure will take place at our stunning downtown Toronto surgical facility at 59 Hayden Street.

Under general anaesthetic, the surgeon will make a small incision in the armpit region. These are usually hidden well in natural creases and will be very difficult to detect once you have healed. After creating precision pockets, the implants are inserted beneath pectoralis muscles, which creates a natural contour and feel.

The muscle is sutured to the surrounding structures to help it conform back around the implant. The incision opening is then closed with internal sutures and sticky medical tapes, pulling edges neatly together.

Over time, your pectoral implants will be surrounded by a thin, protective scar capsule that forms naturally around them.

The procedure takes roughly 2 hours unless it is combined with other treatments such as gynecomastia surgery.

You’ll be gently awakened when your pectoral implant surgery is finished, and then you’ll be brought to our relaxing recovery room.

Pectoral Implant Pros and Cons

Every surgical procedure has inherent anaesthetic risks and other possible complications. You’ll receive detailed information about potential implant risks and considerations during the planning component of your experience with us.

There are several benefits and some issues that can be considered drawbacks for the pectoral implant procedure.


On the plus side, pec implants can help a person transform their appearance. This cosmetic surgery option is often combined with gynecomastia surgery. That means a person can dramatically change the look of their nipples and breasts in one procedure.

Gynecomastia means excess male breast tissue. It’s a common problem affecting a high percentage of men who work out and try everything they can to reduce that unwanted breast fullness. When the contributing factor is glandular tissue, not fat, it won’t be reduced through exercise.

Pectoral implants feel natural. That’s a bonus for men who want firm, developed muscles, but also want to ensure they pass the “touch test.”

Customization is another pro for this surgery. Your personal preference, body type, symmetry, and measurements will all carefully factor into the specific implants chosen for you. The result is a proportionate and seamless augmentation that doesn’t look out of place or like a surgical outcome.

You can rest assured that solid silicone doesn’t leak. Thus far, solid silicone is considered as safe as any other medical implant material.


Cons for any implant include the fact that they are not a part of your body and can’t be guaranteed to last forever. There is always a risk of implant malposition or a body tissue reaction to the foreign material.

Other risks may include scarring, infection, delayed wound closure, or loss of skin/nipple sensation. Seroma or hematoma (fluid or blood collection post-operatively) are also possible but rare. Temporary, superficial vein clotting causes temporary discomfort in some cases and lasts roughly 2 to 3 weeks.

The likelihood of these issues can be significantly reduced by choosing an experienced, Royal College-certified plastic surgeon and by following post-operative instructions very carefully.

Recovery & Candidacy

What Is Pectoral Implant Recovery Like?

You’ll be able to return to your home or hotel the same day as your pectoral implant procedure with a family member or friend. You’ll have a soft, stretchy compression garment wrapped around your chest, and you’ll see a layer of gauze and light dressing over your armpit incisions. You may have soft drains in place for 5 to 7 days.

We’ll ask you to begin walking immediately, which encourages healthy circulation. However, no aerobic exercise or lifting will be permitted for a time. Your surgeon will provide specific timelines for different activity restrictions.

In general, lifting more than 10 pounds is considered heavy lifting. You’ll need to give those arms and pecs a rest to heal with implants in their ideal position and reduce bleeding risks.

Most people can return to light desk work after 1 week. Ask your surgeon about more active work requirements following your pectoral implant surgery.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Pec Implants in Toronto?

Many people work out different body regions to develop muscles, but they find some don’t respond as well as others. People seeking pectoral implants in Toronto either have difficulty building up the pectoralis muscles, or they have a congenital issue leading to a lack of development in one or both pecs. A chest injury could also cause asymmetry.

The pectoral implant procedure can enhance the chest for someone who is already fit and has adequate definition elsewhere, or for a person who wants to remove excess fat and glandular tissue on the chest and further the transformation with pectoral implants.

The permanence of pectoral implants can mean less pressure to build the area through weight training, but it’s essential to realize that dramatic weight fluctuations (loss or gain) can change the appearance of implants.

Ideal patients are physically healthy and realistic about the limitations of the procedure.

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You’re invited to a pressure-free information session about pectoral implants at our contemporary, downtown Toronto surgical centre. Our plastic surgeons ensure that you can take your time, share your goals and questions, and receive personalized feedback. We’ll help you plan the next exciting steps on your journey to transform your body!

We welcome out-of-town patients, and we’re located just steps from some of Toronto’s best hotels, attractions, and shopping. We can support you with advice for planning your trip, arranging nursing options, and all of the details to make your stay seamless.

Private luxury at our Level 3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) surgical centre offers an elite team of specialists in a fully equipped, modern space. Royal College-certified plastic surgeons, licenced anesthesiologists, and skilled nurses provide unparalleled care. Sun-filled operating and recovery rooms greet you warmly. Get ready for royal treatment.

We’ve exceeded the highest care and safety standards at Sovereign Plastic Surgery. Visit us for a tour, and let’s get started!

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