Breast Explant

Breast explant at Toronto’s Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery is also known as breast implant removal

Implant Removal

Breast explant procedure allows patients to have their breast prosthesis removed, with or without surgically removing the breast implant capsule that surrounds it.

We know that changing your body might come with concerns or complicated feelings. Patients visit our downtown Toronto cosmetic clinic for a variety of personal reasons. Your interest in breast explant surgery is as unique as you are. That’s why you’ll never feel rushed at Sovereign. Our caring team will make it a priority to put your mind at ease, answer all your questions, and customize a surgical plan that’s right for you.

You’re invited to schedule a private consultation to discuss techniques for breast explant with our skilled plastic surgeons.

Our fully accredited surgical facility at 59 Hayden Street in Toronto offers you luxe comfort and discretion in a modern, welcoming space. You’re in exceptional hands with our breast implant specialists.

Breast Explant in Toronto: Why Do Patients Choose Implant Removal?

If you are considering a breast implant exchange, removal, or capsulectomy and removal, we can identify the procedural techniques that are best suited to your goals.

With breast augmentation being one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, information about breast enhancement is often readily available online. It can be challenging to educate yourself about the breast explant process.

Reasons for seeking a Toronto surgeon to remove breast implants include implant rupture, capsular contracture (overdevelopment of scar tissue surrounding an implant), and breasts that feel heavy or impractical.

Additionally, some women want a different implant placement (over or under the chest muscle), a different size, or an upgrade to newer breast implants.

If you had your original breast surgery decades ago or in a location with different safety standards than Canada, you may choose to remove your implants for safety reasons and exchange them for Health Canada-approved silicone cohesive gel.

A growing number of women choose to forgo breast implants entirely after removing them, opting instead for their natural size or a breast lift surgery to revitalize their figure.

Whatever you choose, Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery is here to support you through your journey.

Breast Explant Toronto

Toronto Breast Explant – Procedure Overview

Common reasons for implant removal without replacement include the treatment of capsular contracture. En bloc breast explant describes a common surgical technique to accomplish this, and it means “in one piece.” During an explant and capsulectomy, the breast implants are taken out of their pockets. Then the surrounding scar capsule tissue is carefully separated and excised.

Capsular contracture is relatively rare, but it represents the most common long-term complication associated with breast implants. Where undesired thickening and tightening causes deformation and possible discomfort in the breasts, the removal of the soft tissue immediately surrounding an implant can provide nearly instant relief and restored breast form.

  • En Bloc

The “en bloc” method became important in decades past when most older generation breast implants contained liquid silicone, so the aim was to avoid contaminating the surrounding tissue. Today it’s still the most efficient, safest way to restore a natural breast shape in cases of capsular contracture and remove ruptured implants safely.

  • Standard Implant Removal

Comparatively, when patients simply desire a different breast size, a change of placement, or a switch from saline to silicone, a straightforward exchange can often be done with little disruption to the implant capsule and little tissue trauma.

  • Anaesthesia

Breast explant in Toronto is done under general anaesthetic in most cases. Your plastic surgeon will recommend the anesthesia type that ensures your safety and comfort.

A breast explant takes 1 to 2 hours on average, depending on the complexity. Many people undergo a mastopexy (breast lift) at the same time, and combination procedures increase the OR time, breast explant cost, and expected recovery.

Breast explant incisions are usually placed in the underside breast fold (IMF), regardless of the original incision sites. That is because this route offers optimal visibility and access. IMF scars typically appear faint and are well hidden.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Breast Explant?

For personal reasons, women of all ages and backgrounds make the decision to remove their breast implants.

The implant size chosen years ago may now feel too large or out of balance with their lifestyle. Capsule tightness or discomfort can occur on one or both sides. In rare implant rupture situations, removing or replacing both implants is advised.


Breast implant patients sometimes have questions about breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). News published online about this very rare phenomenon is often incomplete. It is an immune system-related cancer, not breast cancer. BIA-ALCL is specific to breast implant capsules (surrounding scar tissue) and has been most frequently related to textured breast implants. Globally, fewer than 10 patients are diagnosed yearly. Confirmation is done via diagnostic testing, and treatment involves removing breast implants and implant capsules. Patients should report any change in the appearance or size of their breasts to a primary care physician, who will schedule an exam.

The compassionate, experienced team at Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery wants to partner with you in achieving your body goals, however that looks for you.

Breast Explantation Toronto

Where Will Your Breast Explantation Take Place?

Cosmetic surgery with Sovereign takes place in our stunning Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery Centre.

Our fully equipped, level 3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) private surgical suites house a hand-picked team of medical specialists. Royal College-certified plastic surgeons, licenced anaesthesiologists, and dedicated nurses are here to care for you, ensuring that your time with us feels exceptional.

You’re welcome to view our sun-filled recovery and operating rooms where we provide royal treatment for all our guests. We exceed the highest standards in safety and service at Sovereign.

Sovereign is conveniently found in the heart of Toronto with plenty of parking, nearby accommodation, tourist attractions, and world-class shopping. Our out-of-town patients are assisted with private nursing options and support. Call to take advantage of our patient concierge service.


What Is Breast Explant Recovery Like?

While everyone’s recovery experience is personal, there are standard elements and timelines that you can expect.

After your explant surgery, you’ll wake up in our comforting recovery room and relax under the care of a Sovereign nurse until you’re ready to return home or to your hotel.

Steri strips (medical tape) will cover your incisions, and you may see a gauze dressing placed on top. You’ll be allowed to shower or sponge bath the day following surgery, depending on your individual situation.

Medication that helps reduce inflammation and discomfort will be prescribed for you along with an antibiotic. The good news is that most patients describe breast explant recovery as far easier and faster compared with their first breast augmentation. Because there will be less tissue trauma or stretching than a primary breast implant surgery, patients usually enjoy minimal swelling, bruising, or pain after explant.

It’s best to book a week off work and keep in mind that certain activity limitations like swimming and upper body workouts will need to wait until your surgeon clears you.

Schedule Your Breast Explant Consultation with Us

When you arrive at Sovereign, you’ll meet with your cosmetic surgeon in a private suite where you’ll discuss concerns, have a physical assessment, and talk about your medical history. You can take as much time as needed to ask questions and make a well-informed decision.

Your surgeon will explain potential complications and benefits with you while letting you know what you can do to get ready for your procedure. Our surgical coordinators will be happy to help you plan, offer medical financing information, and accommodate your schedule when you’re ready to book.

Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery is a multidimensional aesthetic and wellness clinic that helps empower men and women with body enhancements they love every day. Call or write to start the conversation about breast explant in Toronto.


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