Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery can improve a scar’s size, texture, tone, or position

Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery can improve a scar’s size, texture, tone, or position. Because people acquire injuries for a variety of reasons, they don’t always heal ideally. Hyperpigmentation and indented or raised areas of skin can make these marks quite visible.

Facial scars are often especially distressing. People who feel self-conscious about scars might experience psychosocial dysfunction with increased anxiety and a tendency to withdraw.

Can a plastic surgeon fix a scar? Yes, there are solutions, including scar revision surgery! While it may not be possible to remove a scar entirely, there are many effective approaches used by skilled surgeons to minimize them and restore confidence.

At Sovereign Plastic Surgery, we’ll customize treatments to reveal skin you can feel great about. Our modern cosmetic surgery clinic at 59 Hayden Street offers elegant comfort and discretion to all our guests. We’re here to help! Call us today.

Why Seek Scar Revision Surgery in Toronto?

Scar formation is a natural consequence of wound healing after any injury which harms the skin’s surface. These areas of repair have unorganized collagen fibres, altered sensation and pigment. They can darken, raise, or expand over time as well.

Even surgical scars may leave less than desirable results once healed. Orthopedic surgery, caesarean sections and traumatic injury may leave sizable scars with staple marks, indentations, constriction, and expansion over time. People see plastic surgeons for both surgical and nonsurgical scar treatments.

Non Surgical Scar Revision Surgery

The primary categories of scars are:

Keloid – Raised scars that are bigger than the original wound and overproduce collagen. African, Hispanic, and Asian patients tend to experience this phenomenon more often.

Contractures – Scars that tighten as they form can impair movement and become uncomfortable. Deep contractures may affect muscles and nerves.

Hypertrophic – These are thick and raised, often red, itchy, or sore.

Depressed – These scars can be any size, but they create a 3D indented impression in the skin. Where injury or delayed wound closure led to tissue loss, a scar may be concave.

Some scars are more extensive than they need to be if they are placed over a joint or high tension while healing.

Are There Non-Surgical Scar Removal Options?

Depending on the severity and depth of your scarring, non-invasive treatments that remove surface cells or encourage new collagen formation can bring significant improvement. In some cases, a single technique provides satisfying results, but you may require a combination of treatments to minimize your scar’s appearance and leave you with glowing, smooth skin.

Topical gels, silicone tape, or external compression may reduce irregular pigment formation while healing. These treatments are usually applied as soon as the wound is healed, then maintained throughout the first year.

Dermal filler injections help treat depressed scars by elevating the surface to match the surrounding tissue. Hyaluronic acid filler is typically used and can last 9 months or more, but the treatment must be repeated to maintain results.

A welcome bonus from HA filler injection is that it tends to stimulate collagen formation, so less product may be needed over time. Likewise, microneedling treatments create tiny channels in the scar surface and stimulate new collagen as well.

Dermabrasion mechanically removes delicate surface layers of skin to reveal fresh cells underneath.

Laser therapy can create micro-injuries to stimulate revitalized texture and tone or remove precise layers of damaged skin for skin renewal.

Chemical peels are also useful for resurfacing when hyperpigmentation and minor skin texture issues are the focus.

Our skin specialists provide these options and more at Sovereign. We’ll give you comprehensive, honest feedback, so you can make a confident choice.

Depending on the severity of your scarring, scar revision surgery may be required for satisfying results. Whether you have thick, keloid scars, evidence of surgery, or other scars that you want removed, scar revision surgery could help.

Scar Revision Process

How Is Scar Revision Surgery Done?

Scar revision surgery for deep scars can remove more significant depressions or raised, rope-like scars. In their place, a thinner, controlled incision line with minimal tension and carefully monitored healing is designed to leave a smoother, faint scar in its place.

Surgical subcision is useful where multiple, depressed scars have bands of tension formed beneath them pulling downward. The fibrous bands are broken up with a small precision tool. Then filler can be injected underneath to fill out and smooth the skin texture.

Advanced wound closure techniques use layered sutures that leave virtually no tension at the surface and no space inside the wound. The external edges don’t require stitches or staples. Sticky medical tape is often sufficient to cover and protect while healing.

Complex W-plasty or Z-plasty flap-closure techniques may reposition a scar using healthy skin.

Pharmaceutical tissue grafts are sometimes used where extensive reconstruction is required and not enough healthy tissue is present.

Tissue expansion using an inflatable balloon is another way to expand healthy skin and create more material for scar repair. This is a slow process of gradual skin stretching that requires patience and long-term planning.

Most scar revision surgery in Toronto is done with local anaesthetic. You may have IV sedation as well to keep you comfortable and drowsy throughout your procedure.

What Is the Scar Revision Surgery Recovery Time?

Your recovery process may involve time off work, but in many cases, patients return home and resume many activities right away. You’ll need to avoid infection risks while healing, including swimming, baths, and hot tubs. You may be advised to pause visits to the gym and aerobic exercise for a short time too.

In some cases, a compression garment will be worn to help accelerate healing. Once your incisions are closed at roughly 2-4 weeks, ongoing scar care treatments may be applied. You can expect your scars to mature throughout the first year and gradually lighten with proper care.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Scar Revision Surgery?

Patients often have high hopes for scar removal. However, they must be realistic. Scars cannot be erased entirely, but their location, size, colour, and more can usually be improved.

Good candidates for scar revision surgery will have tried or didn’t qualify for less invasive treatments. Anyone with a large, constricted, dark, or poorly positioned scar is welcome to schedule a consultation and discover their options.

You could be a great candidate for scar revision surgery in Toronto if you:

  • don’t smoke
  • are in good general health
  • are free of skin infections or acne medication
  • have realistic expectations for cosmetic surgery
Risks for Scar Revision Surgery

As with all invasive procedures, post-operative care after scar revision surgery is focused on keeping you comfortable, mitigating the risks of bleeding or infection, and encouraging ideal results. You can expect temporary swelling and sensitivity at the treatment site.

Less than ideal healing and raised or darkened scars are possible. More than one procedure is sometimes advised to obtain the desired result.

Scar Removal Surgery Cost

The cost of scar revision surgery varies from person to person. Your unique plan will be custom-tailored for you and your needs. The time and level of intervention required, medication, and other factors contribute to the cost.

Though most insurance plans will not cover cosmetic scar revisions, we work with reputable medical financing companies who help make payments more convenient. Just ask about financing options when you’re here, and we’ll be happy to guide you.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Dr. Torgerson has been a leading injector for many years. Well-known throughout Canada for his teaching and training expertise, Dr. Torgerson enjoys delivering excellent injection results that harmoniously balance art and medicine. As a busy facial plastic surgeon, he loves the results that can be achieved through non-invasive treatments like injectable filler and Botox, as well as the transformative power of facial cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Robert Sleightholm

Dr. Sleightholm is a certified Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC). With more than 20 years of surgery experience, Dr. Sleightholm is a leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Ontario.

He performs over 200 cosmetic surgery procedures a year, always with a commitment to safely providing patients with precisely the outcomes they desire.

Dr. Michael Brandt

Dr. Michael Brandt is an award-winning facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon known for his timeless natural results and dedicated patient care.

An exceptional academic, Dr. Brandt has received national and international recognition for both teaching and research.

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