A tummy tuck in Toronto is the next brave step for men and women like you who want to achieve their weight loss goals.

We don’t often hear about the skin sagging that accompanies the hard work toward fat loss and fitness goals, but there’s a reason why tummy tucks are a critical part of transformative weight loss plans.

Shedding extra pounds, whether through bariatric surgery or sweating it out at the gym, will be the best health decision you ever make. And if you’ve lost 50 pounds or more, no doubt you feel like a whole new person! You’ve come a long way, but weight loss challenges don’t end when people reach their ideal number on the scale.

Body-lift surgeries like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can help restore your shape again so that you finally look as good as you feel.

Why Choose a Tummy Tuck in Toronto After Weight Loss?

People often have excess skin to contend with after losing significant body weight. You may associate tummy tucks with post-baby bodies. It is an integral part of any mommy makeover due to the skin stretching that pregnancy incurs. However, depending on your age and genetics, melting away significant fat in your midsection could leave behind the same unwanted, uncomfortable skin rolls and overhanging belly, no matter what your age or gender is.

Optimal nutrition, exercise, and gastric surgery do wonders for our Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery patients. But it’s the dramatic, belly-smoothing power of a tummy tuck that allows most of them to feel comfortable in their skin again.

The truth is, there’s a lot you can do to lose weight and regain health, but no topical product, special diet, or exercise will eliminate skin. That’s because, as you age, the natural collagen and elastin in your skin fade. Once your skin has been stretched for a prolonged time, like delicate fabric, it will remain somewhat loose depending on your age, genetics, and previous size.

How Can a Toronto Tummy Tuck Help You After Losing Weight?

You’ve come a long way! Wouldn’t it be nice to wear the clothes you love again? Perhaps you receive compliments on your weight loss, but you’re still hiding out, avoiding swimwear, or feeling self-conscious at the gym. A tummy tuck has helped countless Toronto men and women at Sovereign complete their weight loss journey and reveal a body that they can finally celebrate.

Tummy tucks accomplish several aesthetic goals, including the repair of a diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles), when needed. The tightening of vertical abdominal muscles results in a corset effect, cinching the waistline for a slim figure.

A standard tummy tuck allows for customised skin removal – as much as you need. For some people, that looks like a section across the abdomen and below the belly button. For others, an extended or circumferential tummy tuck will enable their surgeon to lift and tighten all the way around the sides and back.

Liposuction is often included with tummy tucks in Toronto as a way to sculpt your body shape.

This procedure requires a horizontal scar just above the pelvic bone. Its length will depend on the personalised specifics of your procedure.

Is a Tummy Tuck Your Finishing Touch?

Trimming away excess skin for a smooth waistline could be the finishing touch on your makeover. You’ve endured a lot to get here, and you’ve earned it! But first, there are critical factors to consider if you’re planning a tummy tuck.

  • Are you at your ideal weight?

Don’t rush it. Ideal patients should be at their stable, goal weight for an average of 6 months to 1 year before booking a tummy tuck. This time allows your skin to retract on its own and helps ensure that your results stay stable after surgery too.

  • Are you in good overall health?

Your nutritional state can influence post-surgical healing and help reduce risks. We also advise Toronto tummy tuck patients to avoid nicotine before and after surgery, since it acts as a vasoconstrictor and could slow your healing.

  • Are you prepared to relax for a few weeks?

Believe it or not, slowing down and taking it easy is what many Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery patients find the toughest! After all, they’ve incorporated regular movement into their lives, and they love how being more active makes them feel.

You must have realistic expectations for recovery, including time away from the gym, cardiovascular exercise, or heavy lifting. Tummy tuck recovery usually involves 3 weeks with no workouts at all, then a few more weeks of gentle reintroduction. Eventually you’ll be going strong doing all your favorite activities again.

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