Do you have questions about Toronto breast augmentation? We’ve got answers to your questions about long-term health, maintenance, and the right time for an upgrade.

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery, we want you to feel confident in your body and love your breast augmentation results for years to come.

Patients often ask, Do breast implants expire, or do they need to be removed after a specific number of years?

While we’re pleased to let you know that there is no expiration date for Health Canada-approved breast implants used today, there are a few common reasons why women may be advised to or may choose to upgrade their implants.

How Long Is a Toronto Breast Augmentation Expected to Last?

Today’s advanced breast implant prosthesis are engineered with reinforced resilience against damage or deflation. However, a woman may choose to revise her breast augmentation for several reasons.

  • Size Upgrade

Whether it’s a little more or a little less, a fairly common reason why patients choose secondary breast augmentation in Toronto is to change the size. Sometimes the implant size chosen before surgery no longer suits a person’s personal style or lifestyle. An amazing spectrum of sizes now exists for breast augmentation. This means that changing your mind is just fine.

  • Older / International Breast Implants

PIP (Poly Implant Prothèse) and older varieties of implants were more commonly used decades ago. When breast augmentation was done in a country with different health and safety guidelines, these devices may cause concern for patients and their health care providers in Canada. If your implants are decades old, they won’t have the same excellent warranty and safety assurances that our patients count on today. That’s why some women choose to upgrade their breast augmentation in Toronto for peace of mind.

  • Aesthetic Changes

Rippling or the unwanted shifting of implant position can be a frustrating problem. While these appearance-related issues aren’t considered health problems, visible changes can cause patients to feel self-conscious.

In particular, after pregnancy or with age, breast implants may shift as the breast skin stretches. In those cases, an implant exchange or breast lift may be appropriate.

  • Capsular Contracture

When the normally thin scar tissue surrounding breast implants thickens, it may distort the implant. This condition is a rare complication and is often painless, but it can be uncomfortable. A breast revision surgery removes the scar capsule and allows for the insertion of new implants.

  • Implant Rupture

Rarely, a breach of the outer implant shell can mean scheduling a revision breast augmentation. When ruptured, saline implants deflate as the saltwater contents are absorbed harmlessly. Because silicone cohesive gel implants contain a firmer, non-liquid substance, it’s not as obvious when their shell is breached. Their replacement can be scheduled at the patient’s convenience, and both implants are usually exchanged at the same time. To remove guesswork, MRI screenings every 2 to 3 years are recommended in the U.S.

Your Toronto Breast Augmentation Consultation

Whether it’s your first exciting body enhancement or you’re seeking a cosmetic surgery specialist to upgrade the augmentation that you have, the next best step is an in-person meeting with a Toronto breast augmentation surgeon.

The plastic surgeons at Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery will listen to your concerns and offer thoughtful, honest feedback. You may have many more options for a breast augmentation upgrade than you think!

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