If you’re finally ready for breast implants, Toronto is an excellent destination to make your dream figure a reality. Breast implants (breast augmentation surgery) are still the top cosmetic surgery procedure requested year after year in Canada. And when you begin the exciting planning process, you’ll find that there are numerous options to choose from!

Do you want help selecting the most natural-looking breast implants in Toronto? There have been impressive advancements in both the safety and engineering of these devices over the past decade. Many breast augmentation patients ask whether saline or silicone gel implants look the most natural in 2022. Today you have the best of both types to choose from, and Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery is here to guide you.

Are Silicone Breast Implants Safe in 2022?

You may be old enough to remember that silicone-filled implants were discontinued back in 1992 due to safety concerns. These were an old, liquid-filled type that presented a rupture risk. For roughly a decade, only saline breast implants were available for augmentation, so patients in the 90s and early 2000s received saline (salt water) implants.

The world’s leading breast implant manufacturers such as Allergan and Mentor reimagined, rigorously tested, and verified the resilience of their new cohesive silicone gel implants to bring them back to market.

Silicone gel implants approved for use in Canada and the U.S. are now semi-solid, not liquid, and feel similar to gummy bears (hence their nickname). Their safety track record and resistance to rupture are remarkable.

Are There Advantages to Choosing Saline Breast Implants?

Unlike silicone implants, which are pre-filled with cohesive gel, saline implants resemble a silicone balloon that is filled with sterile saltwater once they are situated in the breast.

Silicone is a popular choice, because its gel has similar density and movement to real breast tissue. Comparatively, saline implants are sometimes described as feeling “watery” or “rippled.” However, it is important to note that the pre-existing breast tissue, fat, and skin on your breasts will impact how any implant looks and feels. Placement partway under the chest muscle can also help camouflage breast implants and make them appear more naturally sloped at the top.

Silicone is a patient-favourite thanks to its more realistic feel and great safety record. However, you may feel that saline is right for you. One advantage is the incredibly small incision, which can be used to insert saline implants. Because silicone breast implants are filled once they are already in the breast, some plastic surgeons even insert them through the armpit. These implants also tend to be available at a slightly lower price point.

Saline breast implants have a marginally higher rupture rate, but in the rare event that a rupture occurs, saltwater is absorbed by the body harmlessly.

Breast Implant Consultation in Toronto

When you meet with your Sovereign plastic surgeon for a Toronto breast implant consultation, they’ll discuss your desires and goals, risks, and considerations and then make a personalized recommendation for you. Often, the choice of saline versus silicone comes down to your existing breast tissue and the look that you want to achieve.

The best place to start planning is at your private consultation, so we invite you to call or write to us and take the next steps toward a new you today!

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