Certainly! The trend in 2022 is toward breast lift surgery combined with the latest generation of silicone gel breast implants for a lifted, perky, and fuller breast shape. Many women love that they can get 2 beautiful benefits from 1 procedure.

Now, that doesn’t mean that all breast lifts involve implants or that yours should. The best approach to this cleavage-rejuvenating procedure depends on your aesthetic goals and the characteristics that your breasts have before surgery.

A skilled, experienced Toronto breast lift surgeon will meet with you in person for an assessment and a detailed discussion of all available options. (Breast lifts actually offer more options than you may think!) Once you’ve had your consultation, you can choose mastopexy (breast lift) or augmentation mastopexy (a breast lift with breast implants). From there, you’ll consider incision types, implant types, and sizes.

Let’s take a closer look at the Toronto breast lift both with and without implants.

Can You Just Do a Breast Lift?

Today, the lift and augment combination are so popular that after viewing before and after photos online, patients sometimes ask, “What if I just want a breast lift?” Reasons for choosing lifting alone may include a desire to avoid introducing foreign material to the body or having enough natural breast tissue that adding volume is unnecessary. Here’s how a mastopexy alone works.

Toronto breast lift surgery is designed to correct breast ptosis (sagging, stretched breasts, and lowered nipple position).

This procedure removes only skin and repositions the areolas higher on the breast mound. The areolas (pigmented skin surrounding the nipples) can also be reduced during this procedure.

The incisions will be around the areola, descending vertically down the center of the lower breast and sometimes horizontally in the crease.

As a standalone procedure, mastopexy can be ideal for someone who likes their breast cup size when positioned in a bra. Reducing excess skin shrinks the breast envelope, essentially rounding out and perking up the tissue that you already have.

While some women feel that their breasts do appear bigger afterwards thanks to fuller cleavage, breast lifts do not add anything to the breast.

Toronto Breast Lift and Implants: Total Rejuvenation

The breasts undergo plenty of changes through pregnancy, through breastfeeding, and with age. Weight loss also leaves some women with deflated, sagging breasts that have lost considerable volume.

If you are concerned about low, drooping nipples and a decreased bust size, the comprehensive breast augmentation mastopexy may be right for you.

As with a standard breast lift, your surgeon will remove extra skin and elevate your nipples to the ideal position. Breast implants can then be placed underneath your natural breast tissue to fill out a fuller, desirable shape. The options for implant sizing range from low profile, subtle enhancement to high projection, dramatic volume. The right size for you will be a matter of determining how much breast tissue you currently have and the effect you’re dreaming of. Even a moderately sized breast implant can create beautifully youthful, enhanced cleavage and a cup size or two. Individual measurements are precise, and your surgery will be completely customized for your body and the results that you want.

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