Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) is one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeon requests. Unlike some procedures associated with aging, the classic nose job is versatile enough for men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

In fact, this popular cosmetic surgery might be more complex and more customizable than you thought. If you’re considering nose-reshaping surgery, we’ve created a handy guide to explain the ins and outs of planning. And a couple of insider tips that may surprise you!

Toronto nose job patients have diverse reasons for altering their noses.

Rather than “model perfect” results, many regular people just like you have a rhinoplasty for reasons like these:

  • They have breathing difficulties associated with a deviated septum
  • They lack confidence because of the shape, size, or symmetry of their nose
  • Their nose has a prominent feature such as a dorsal hump, low bridge, or droopy tip
  • They feel their nose is not proportionate with the rest of their facial features
  • They have a crooked, asymmetric nose
  • They want to alter their nostrils, nasal tip, or bridge with additive or reductive techniques
  • They want to correct a previous nose job
  • They want permanent results (or temporary – yes, that’s possible!)

How Are the Nose and Chin Related?

Our first surprising nose job tip relates to another facial feature. Have you considered that the harmony between your chin and nose may change for the better after your rhinoplasty?

Your nose’s relationship with your whole face is central – literally! Your rhinoplasty surgeon’s expert eyes are trained to study the balance between all features. After an exam, rhinoplasty patients sometimes discover that their chin is underdeveloped or recessed, which causes their nose to appear larger than it really is. Chin surgery referred to as genioplasty, or a chin implant, can often accompany a nose job for a comprehensive improvement. Likewise, after reducing the width or prominence of a nose, your jawline and chin may appear stronger and more refined due to proportional balance.

In Toronto, nose job specialists like Dr. Cory Torgerson can ensure that rhinoplasty results appear naturally harmonious with your whole face, often revealing an overall enhancement and so much more than anticipated.

The nose is a wonderfully complex sub-specialty of facial plastic surgery, so head and neck surgeons like Dr. Torgerson focus on developing advanced methods for practice in these areas.

Choosing Your Ideal Toronto Nose Job Surgeon

Not sure where to begin? It’s essential to know that rhinoplasty is best performed by an experienced plastic surgeon with advanced training and practice experience in this area.

The inner structures of the nose are delicate and complex, which makes this cosmetic surgery more difficult to execute than people think. Even when expertly performed, an estimated 10% of nose jobs in Toronto need to be revised. As well, when your nose has previously been operated on, the tissue may be weakened or scarred. Rhinoplasty often alters skin, cartilage, and bone. Blood supply to your nose may be changed so that additional revision rhinoplasties require careful attention to safety.

Along with accreditation from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, your nose job surgeon should have certification in facial plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, or reconstructive surgery. Dr. Cory Torgerson has earned the highest certification for cosmetic surgeons in Canada as an M.D, PH.D, and FRCSC.

Whether you’re seeking a nose job for the first time or you’re interested in improving a past result, your surgeon must be a leader in their field and have a plan to make meticulous changes that will deliver stellar results.

Are You Seeking a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

For many patients, this surgery-free option for instant nose reshaping has become a reality. The less invasive nature of injectable dermal fillers means real-time sculpting to lift, refine, and “straighten” a nose’s appearance without any scars and with a much faster recovery. It’s also a more affordable option for people who qualify.

So, what’s the catch? There are a few things that injectable nose jobs can’t achieve. It’s a temporary procedure (lasting 6 to 9 months). So if you love your result, you’ll need to maintain it with repeat treatments once or twice yearly. On the other hand, temporary nose filler can be a great way to trial run the look of a rhinoplasty or nose implant.

Filler is additive. It adds natural hyaluronic acid gel under the skin to build up and improve nasal structure. That means it is less useful for patients who want to reduce the prominence and overall size of their nose or who wish to decrease nostril flare.

If your desired adjustments are minor, the subtle camouflaging, smoothing, and tip-lifting effects might be exactly what you need. Small changes can make a powerful impact on the face. It’s no wonder non-surgical nose jobs in Toronto are increasingly popular.

Performed in just minutes, the non-surgical nose job is one of the few cosmetic procedures that can be instantly satisfying with minimal downtime.

Toronto Nose Job Before and After Results – Are Selfies Useful?

Today’s smartphones have cameras to rival high-end, professional equipment. Yet selfies present 2 issues related to nose jobs.

When you search for “nose job before and after photos,” you’ll likely find some plastic surgeon patient galleries, along with a tonne of amateur selfies. Patients want to document their rhinoplasty journey, but along with filters, altered lighting, and positioning, selfie cameras can alter the size and shape of noses too!

Dr. Torgerson recommends not placing much weight on the self-taken pics you find online. Instead, review higher quality pre- and post-operative images shown with consistent distance, angles, lighting, and clear procedure descriptions.

The other reason why selfies pose a problem for nose job patients may be news to you.

People sometimes seek a reductive (nose-shrinking) procedure for a nose that seems too big. However, if their feeling is based on the selfies they take, they might not realize that their smartphone is misleading them. Recent studies highlight a phenomenon that shows pictures taken of the face up close (within 3 feet) of a phone camera are generally distorted.


The “selfie effect” can narrow the face while making noses appear up to 30% larger! Some plastic surgeons have reported that as phone cameras improve, they have noticed a distinct uptick in nose job requests.

Are you finding that it’s the photos you take up close that have you the most concerned about your nose? Rest assured, your rhinoplasty surgeon can evaluate you, measure your features, and even create a 3D virtual model to show you what your nose really looks like.

When you know the secret of nose-growing selfies, you can view pictures online, and even your own photos, armed with discernment.

Toronto Nose Job Planning from Consultation to Recovery

We’ve outlined advice for choosing an excellent surgeon. Next, you’ll want to plan ahead for a stress-free recovery.

Your surgical coordinator or patient care coordinator will ensure that you have a detailed list of instructions related to healing well after surgery. You can also talk with your surgeon about planning any special events or time off work so that your nose job fits well into your schedule.

When you head home to rest, you’ll need some help with daily tasks like housework, pet care, and child care. Planning ahead to ensure that you have supplies, transportation, meals, and even entertainment can improve your whole experience.

A helpful tip for a seamless nose job recovery is to clean your house, do the laundry, get some comfortable pyjamas or loose tops handy, and make meals ahead of time so that you can lounge in peace.

Don’t forget snacks, straws, audio books, and a place near your bed or couch where you can keep medical supplies handy.

You’ll need firm cushions to keep your head and shoulders elevated while you rest or sleep. This helps reduce facial swelling and pressure for the first days and weeks following surgery.

You’re Ready for a Nose Job Consultation!

The best way to discover your nose job options is during a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Cory Torgerson offers state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging for a sneak peek at potential nose job results, and he always takes time to listen to concerns, questions, and dreams of his patients. At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto, nose job planning is as exciting as it is personalized for every unique client we see. We’d love to meet you and take the next steps on your journey with you today.

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