Liposuction in Toronto is still a patient-favourite in 2022! Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto is bustling with activity. We’ve seen a boost in treatment booking for patients of all ages and backgrounds in the past year.

Liposuction continues to be a gold standard in body and neck contouring at our surgical centre thanks to its versatility and effectiveness. Though many new, promising, non-surgical fat-shrinking treatments have arrived on the scene, the plastic surgeons at Sovereign still perform a high number of surgical body-contouring treatments for patients who want a fast, permanent result.

Why Is Liposuction Still So In Demand, and in What Direction Are Trends for 2022 Taking It? reports that the number of liposuction procedures have been climbing each year, closely behind the number one cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation.

Through the creation of tiny incisions that barely leave a mark, plastic surgeons can treat multiple body areas where stubborn, unwanted fat may collect. Because the fat cells are removed (and measured) directly, consistent, measurable, and predictable results are possible.

The small incisions are well hidden in natural creases, so recovery from liposuction in Toronto is typically fast and straightforward too.

How Do Surgical Liposuction and Non-Surgical Treatments Work Together?

Certain cosmetic surgery procedures go together like avocadoes and toast. Tummy tucks designed to slim and smooth the belly have long been paired with liposuction in Toronto for additional, artistic sculpting of the back and sides. Many patients choose to add liposuction as a finishing touch for their abdominoplasty procedure, and it’s common for plastic surgeons to include this component as standard.

Another surgical combination with liposuction that our Sovereign patients love is submental (under the chin) liposuction along with their face and neck lift. It’s a small area to cover, and the cannula used for neck liposuction is appropriately tiny. But it can yield dramatic results in the form of a refined, sculpted jawline and reduced “heaviness,” which many people develop in the lower face. Submental fat can be incredibly hard to lose through diet and exercise. With a quick liposuction treatment, it’s gone for good.

Additionally, breast reduction surgery often utilizes liposuction sculpting to help form a pleasing shape on the sides of breasts, in the bra roll area.

At Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery, our patients have been benefitting from one of the latest advancements in plasma skin tightening. The J-Plasma device by Renuvion is a regular fixture in our OR, and we’ve seen incredible results – right before our eyes.

Combined with liposuction, J-Plasma directs cold helium plasma combined with radiofrequency energy through a slim applicator rod. The controlled heat energy treats tissue from within, following liposuction. The result is the instant contraction of loose skin and the acceleration of collagen production to further firm and smooth away skin laxity while you heal.

When removing fat volume from under your skin, the elasticity and condition of your skin can affect its ability to contract or “bounce back.” J-Plasma is revolutionizing how we perform liposuction procedures for the best liposuction results.

If you’re interested in help to reveal a new, rejuvenated body shape for 2022, contact Sovereign Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto for your liposuction consultation today!

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