Breast implants in Toronto still lead the way for the top requested cosmetic procedures. However, today’s patients are well-informed, and they consider a variety of factors before proceeding to reshape their figures.

One of the questions we receive regularly is “Will breast implants affect my pregnancy?” Whether you’re planning additions to your family now or considering options for the distant future, your breast implants will be with you for a long time. That makes questions about future body changes quite reasonable.

So, is pregnancy after a breast augmentation a bad idea? Do patients need to reconsider breastfeeding or plan revision surgeries if they become pregnant after getting breast implants?

Toronto plastic surgeons can help you fill in all the blanks, understand these advanced, medical devices better, and then make the right choice for you.

Breast Implants: Can Toronto Patients Become Pregnant After Increasing Cup Size?

It’s common for women to give birth after they’ve had breast implants. Having silicone or saline breast implants doesn’t necessarily mean your results will be “undone” after your body changes during pregnancy. In fact, some women don’t see any notable changes in their breasts at all after they’ve given birth.

It is essential to understand that many women experience enlargement of breasts throughout gestation and breastfeeding, so it is possible to see long-term changes in your breasts with or without implants.

In short, yes, it is possible to give birth and even breastfeed without requiring a secondary surgery to restore your breast implants. However, because everyone’s body and breast tissue is different, it may be hard to predict how dramatically the tissue will change or bounce back afterwards. In certain cases, patients who see unwanted sagging choose to undergo a breast lift after they’ve finished having children.

Can Toronto Breast Implant Patients Breastfeed and Produce Enough Milk?

It’s a fair question. The good news is, when adding an implant, breast tissue is displaced around it, but it is not removed or prevented from functioning. Breast implants sit behind the glandular tissue that produces and releases milk. Whether your breast implants are placed under or over the chest muscle, this glandular tissue will sit on top of the implant capsule, and the connections with milk ducts and nipples remain undisturbed.

Something that is difficult to predict is how much milk a woman will produce when they’re ready. It is not uncommon for mothers to have difficulty with breastfeeding, milk generation, latching, and feeding their babies. This frustration, however, is usually caused by numerous factors unrelated to cosmetic surgery.

It is noteworthy that during a breast lift, reduction, or peri-areolar breast implant incision, you may accept some risk of alteration to the milk ducts. Your plastic surgeon will explain the breast augmentation incision route options to you and talk about your future breastfeeding plans to help inform your choice.

If You Have Breast Implants, Will You Need a Lift After Breastfeeding?

When it comes to a breast lift (mastopexy), the subjective difference between “want” and “need” is noteworthy. When a medical device is damaged, removal is recommended. But the choice to undergo a breast lift is more often a matter of appearance-related concerns such as position, cleavage, and nipple size.

Because each woman’s breasts react to pregnancy hormones differently, it is possible to lose breast volume, notice a lowered nipple position, and experience sagging after breastfeeding.

At the same time, some women see their body return to normal with no long-term alteration to their breasts.

Others still might experience a lasting size increase that persists, and they might choose to downsize through a breast implant exchange procedure, with or without mastopexy.

If you want to know whether to plan for an eventual breast lift after you give birth, it’s best to consider your expectations ahead of time when planning your breast implant surgery.

You can ask yourself, are subtle changes okay with you down the road? How comfortable are you with a cup-size increase or volume loss in the upper breasts? Your “need” for a lift in the future, if there is one, will come down to knowing what makes you feel the most comfortable with your body.

Your plastic surgeon will likely recommend planning future breast lift surgeries once you’ve finished having children and breastfeeding so that you can enjoy your perky results for a long time.

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